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Jul 19 2017

No matter their age, those dealing with multiple sclerosis can maintain a satisfying lifestyle. Here are some tips for both patients and their caregivers. read more

Jul 12 2017

Is independence a realistic goal for seniors? Absolutely! With careful planning and the help of these tips, any senior can expect to maintain an independent lifestyle. read more

Jun 28 2017

Not all seniors are eager to accept home care. Here's how family members can help their aging loved ones see the positive side working with a professional caregiver. read more

Jun 21 2017

Diminished health doesn't mean that seniors can't live full, happy lives. Here are some life-enrichment activities that any primary caregiver can afford. read more

Jun 14 2017

Taking responsibility for the care of your loved ones is an admirable and stressful job. Here's how you can keep your peace-of-mind when acting as primary caregiver. read more

May 17 2017

In order to have a successful transition from hospital to home, detailed planning is required. What can patients and families do to make sure they stay safe and healthy after being discharged? read more

May 10 2017

Holistic medicine is a widely misunderstood but powerful tool for dealing with all health problems. How can a holistic approach help those suffering from a chronic disease? read more

May 03 2017

Living with Parkinson's disease requires excellent teamwork from both patients and their caregivers. Here are some tips to help patients and their families cope as a team. read more

Apr 19 2017

A good diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining your health throughout your lifespan. If you are a senior with diabetes, keeping up a healthy diet is even more vital. Dietary restrictions for diabetics make planning your meals and snacks more complicated, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a varied, exciting diet. Here are a few helpful tips to help you plan your daily diet. read more

Apr 12 2017

The road to post-surgical recovery can be a long one, but it's a path that you can navigate successfully. With some planning and a little bit of effort along the way, you can be back on your feet in no time. What are some post-surgical care tips from the experts that can help you stay healthy and avoid complications? read more

Apr 05 2017

Over the past several decades, our understanding of Alzheimer's has advanced significantly. Though a cure is not yet available, this deeper understanding has led to a wide variety of more effective treatments. For those looking to supplement or minimize medication usage, sensory-based therapies seem particularly promising. How does sensory therapy work, and does medical research support the concept? read more

Mar 29 2017

Because of the normal, physical effects of the aging process, many seniors aren't able to enjoy the same activities as when they were younger. This doesn't mean seniors can't enjoy stimulating daily activities. For caregivers, the challenge lies in choosing appropriate enrichment activities for each individual. What are some great activities to help seniors lead satisfying, fulfilling lives? read more

Mar 22 2017

Any dementia or Alzheimer's patient can have a bad day. As a caregiver, these tense moments can leave you on edge. When your loved one is upset, the situation can escalate rapidly - and in ways that you don't always expect. Knowing how to handle tense situations is never easy, but there are some tips to keep in mind. read more

Mar 15 2017

As we age, daily activities can become more difficult. Many adult children are willing and eager to help their parents during this stage, and their efforts are valuable. Even though family involvement is indispensable, going it alone is not always the best decision. There are several logical reasons accepting professional help can be beneficial for the whole family. What are some ways a home care agency can make your parent's life easier? read more

Jan 25 2017

A recent study confirmed what many of us already knew to be true: hospice care provides better symptom relief, pain management, and overall satisfaction for family members of patients. read more

Jan 18 2017

To provide the best geriatric care, both family members and home care workers need to be well-versed in even the most subtle signs of senior depression. read more

Jan 11 2017

The winter season can be especially tough for many seniors. Not only does winter weather pose certain safety hazards, but it can also be a lonely and less-active time of year. Whether your loved one receives senior home care or lives in a senior housing facility, it's important to keep these three health and safety tips in mind during the wintertime. read more

Dec 22 2016

We continue to raise the bar for the service we provide by partnering with Home Care Pulse, a third-party, telephone survey company dedicated to providing honest reviews. read more

Dec 21 2016

We don't often like to face our own mortality, much less the reality of a loved one's condition. However, the cold, hard truth is that each of us will need to think about home health care, senior housing options, or hospice care at some point in our lives. While these decisions are often difficult, finding the best hospice care facility can be uniquely painful. Even worse, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions that continue to persist about hospice care. Here are five of the most common myths about hospice care -- debunked. read more

Dec 14 2016

It can be hard to watch your loved one age, in part because it's a reminder that one day you will too. However, it is more important than ever to keep your eye out for warning signs that your parent is changing, especially when it comes to memory loss. read more

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