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May 31 2016

Start thinking long-term for your loved one's health needs. Sometimes the impulse is to focus more on what is currently happening and how to provide a quick fix, when considering the long-term needs may provide a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling option. read more

Apr 27 2016

Parkinson's is a progressive and chronic disease that can be managed if proper care goals are in place. Learn more about Parkinson's and the stages someone diagnosed with Parkinson's will experience. read more

Apr 19 2016

Temperatures are heating up for the spring and summer. Take precautions to stay safe and healthy during the spring and summer months. read more

Apr 08 2016

If you or your loved one are living with a complex chronic disease, such as Parkinson's, it is important to make sure that proper care planning is in place. It is important to understand the disease as well as know how to best care for someone living with Parkinson's. read more

Mar 21 2016

One of the most effective things one can do is develop an exercise routine. Exercise plays a critical role in keeping a person living with Parkinson's healthy and engaged in life. read more

Mar 09 2016

Parkinson's Disease is a common chronic disease that impacts one's entire lifestyle. Learn effective symptom management strategies. read more

Feb 10 2016

Many chronic diseases can be improved with lifestyle changes. Learn more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your chronic disease. read more

Feb 09 2016

February is National American Heart Month and Fedelta is promoting heart health awareness! Learn more about how age and gender can impact your heart health. read more

Jan 18 2016

What does the term "cholesterol" mean and when should you be concerned? read more

Jan 13 2016

We have provided helpful tips that we recommend at any age to protect and prevent any heart disease complications. It doesn't matter how old you may be it can always improve and make a difference in your day-to-day activities. read more

Dec 16 2015

Most of us take our feet for granted. But these marvels of engineering play an important role in moving us through the world and maintaining our independence as we age. read more

Nov 11 2015

If you're caring for someone with Alzheimer's, the holidays can be particularly challenging. Family traditions may no longer make sense to your loved one and the added stress of caregiving can mean you're simply not in a festive mood. Here are some tips to help create a memorable holiday for both you and your loved one. read more

Nov 02 2015

Even though diabetes is a common disease, each individual with the disease is going to have unique symptoms, risk factors, and needs in maintaining their health. read more

Oct 23 2015

Because we live in a much more mobile society than previous generations, families are often scattered from one end of the country to the other. So, when a parent or grandparent needs care and support, or when a care crisis occurs, families come face to face with the challenge of long-distance caregiving. read more

Oct 08 2015

The risk of getting breast cancer does increase with age. Unfortunately, breast cancer may be more complicated for someone older in age due to other health complications and additional medications that older adults may be taking to combat those health issues. It is important as we age to start becoming aware of complications that might be ahead of us, and stay as healthy and active as possible to fight cancer risks. read more

Sep 18 2015

Inspired by her grandmother who had Alzheimer's, Sha Yao researched, designed, and crowd funded EatWell, dishware for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. read more

Aug 21 2015

Are you trying to care for your loved one while you live far away or are bogged down with work and family? One of the biggest reasons why we would encourage a family to use Care Management services for their loved one is because our Care Managers will serve as an advocate from the start of care. read more

Jul 09 2015

Are you undergoing surgery in the near future? read more

May 20 2015

Our Founder and CEO Steve Meyer has joined the Board of the Washington Home Care Association! read more

May 06 2015

It is important to first understand the disease and symptoms to then take the necessary steps to manage the disease. read more

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