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Aug 16 2017

There are few moments in life - if any - that are more distressing than watching a loved endure a terminal illness. For those who are the primary caregiver for a family member during this stage, this period is especially painful. If you are providing end-of-life care for a loved one, you are no doubt deeply concerned with their physical and emotional comfort. The following essential principles of end-of-life care can help you provide excellent care and comfort during this trying stage. read more

Jun 28 2017

Not all seniors are eager to accept home care. Here's how family members can help their aging loved ones see the positive side working with a professional caregiver. read more

May 31 2016

Start thinking long-term for your loved one's health needs. Sometimes the impulse is to focus more on what is currently happening and how to provide a quick fix, when considering the long-term needs may provide a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling option. read more

May 24 2016

Finding the right long-term care solution can be tough. Here are some tips towards long-term care planning and how to keep a positive outlook. read more

May 19 2016

In order to provide quality care, we understand that we have to hire the best in the industry. This not only means finding candidates with proper qualifications and skills, but also making sure that we hire each person to represent our goals for compassion, understanding, and responsibility. read more

May 04 2016

We understand that their are fears associated with letting someone assist you with your personal care needs. However, we want to encourage you to let go of that fear and understand that personal care assistance is focused on your health and safety. read more

Apr 26 2016

Take advantage of home care earlier. Focus on proper care at home to stay safe and healthy longer. read more

Apr 13 2016

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of defining your age by the care you need to stay healthy and independent. Receiving help will benefit you and help you to find more time for the things you enjoy as you get older. read more

Mar 30 2016

Everyone needs time to rest and reduce the stress that builds up in their life. As a family caregiver we know that you need more support than you are asking for and we want to help you avoid burnout. read more

Mar 23 2016

Are you starting your research for home care assistance? Learn more about different services and a unique care model for your loved one. read more

Mar 16 2016

Aging brings on more health concerns, the possibility of chronic diseases, and more possible illnesses. More and more medications will be prescribed to your loved one creating a safety concern around proper administration. Learn more about how to make sure your loved one stays out of the hospital and takes medications safely every day. read more

Mar 04 2016

Spring is just around the corner and it is important to make sure that our loved one's homes are also receiving the care and attention they need to keep your loved one safely in their home. read more

Feb 18 2016

Are you feeling insecure about letting someone into your loved one's home? Learn more about how Fedelta goes above and beyond standard protocol to keep safety of your family a priority. read more

Feb 17 2016

Read common nutritional myths associated with aging adults. Learn what is right and wrong about nutritional health as you age. read more

Feb 04 2016

There are several reasons that elderly adults should continue to be involved in activities and relationship building. read more

Jan 21 2016

Learn more about the new Fedelta Family Room to access your loved one's care plans, make online payments, and interact with Fedelta's care team. read more

Jan 08 2016

Let us help you get started in finding the best long-term home care solutions. read more

Jan 05 2016

Start expressing the need for home care to your elderly parents. Experts agree that the best time to have such conversations is before a crisis occurs. read more

Dec 23 2015

Keep your elderly loved ones safe this winter. Learn more about winter safety concerns and tips to keep elderly safe in their homes. read more

Dec 18 2015

If leading a healthier life is on your list, here are three resolutions you'll want to be sure and add to your list. read more

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