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Providing Advocacy and guidance 

Christian earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work with a focus on gerontology from the University of Washington in 2016. Christian is a licensed social worker and a member of the Aging Life Care Association as an Associate Care Manager.

Through his work with a local non-profit and EvergreenHealth outpatient services, Christian has extensive experience serving elders within the community. He has coordinated numerous services across the Greater Seattle Area to promote independence, wellness, socialization, and life-long learning for seniors. Christian understands the crucial role of caregivers and believes when a caregiver works with a client, they are also working with the client’s entire family. After partnering with clients and identifying their life stressors and strengths, Christian strives to connect them with the appropriate community support services that meet their bio-psychosocial needs. In addition to community efforts, he is skilled in navigating the healthcare system and helps clients access free or low-cost health insurance coverage every day. 

Christian believes everyone has the right to a dignified, comfortable, and fully self-expressed life, especially those in need of medical and outpatient care. An individual’s self-determination and goals are strong components of that belief, and they structure the unique type of care each person deserves. Aging is a standard part of life and many of us will come to depend on others for care. The way in which we support and care for the older adult population should be one that recognizes their strengths, respects and wishes, warranting a dignified existence through end of life. 

Christian is passionate about ensuring seniors age with dignity and respect. He cares deeply about social justice and protecting vulnerable populations, especially the aging LGBTQ community. Christian looks forward to partnering with clients and their families.

In his free time, Christian enjoys cooking (and eating), visiting his parents, siblings and nephews, and spending as much time as he can with his sweetie, Alex.

Anna received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work with a focus on gerontology from the University of Washington in 2015. She holds several certifications including Certified Case Manager, Chronic Care Professional Health Coach, and Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice provider. She is also a licensed social worker and an Advanced Professional Member with the Aging Life Care Association. Anna's experience in the senior and health care industries is diverse and extensive.

In her early twenties, she was a certified nursing assistant within assisted living communities. While taking a break from direct care, she provided at-home computer training and IT support for elders. When she returned to school to pursue a career in social work, she solidified her passion for elders and became a program assistant at Full Life Adult Day Health. Throughout graduate school, Anna was a research assistant at the Health Promotional Research Center with a primary focus on the development of The Program to Enhance Active Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS), an at-home depression management intervention effort.

Anna chose Fedelta for the opportunity to connect individually with her clients and their families, as well as assist them in having the most positive aging experience possible, through Fedelta's Care Management program. She feels the current state of the senior medical system is tremendously complex and insufficient—no elder should have to navigate it alone. Anna is also passionate about providing education and support for clients and families coping with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. In Anna’s free time, she enjoys scuba diving in Cozumel, rock climbing around the Pacific Northwest, and gardening on her patio.

“Our Fedelta team, headed up by world class care manager Anna Dronen, has been a godsend. Four months ago, my 94 year old mother-in-law with severe dementia fell and needed 24 hour care. Fedelta was recommended to us by a social worker at Evergreen Senior Health. Since we are away from the area much of the year, Anna has coordinated everything from doctors’ appointments, identifying the specific caregiver skills that Fedelta needs their caregivers to provide, home health care oversight, coaching/support info for the family and independent caregiver and even took on an insurance appeal that we won.” – Mary M. 2016

Michelle earned her Bachelors of Science at the University of Washington in 2011, one of the best nursing schools in the country. Michelle has over six years of nursing experience in a variety of settings. She is also a member of the Aging Life Care Association as an Associate Care Manager.

Michelle’s experience started out at a hospital on the cardio-thoracic floor. During her time there, she received advanced training in providing care for patients undergoing heart transplants, heart surgeries, and heart failure, in which patients were receiving a substantial level of care within an intense environment.

Michelle also provided nursing consultations and care for a local residential rehabilitation center. The primary residents were those with developmental disorders of all ages, and Michelle supported their medical care and coordination, and found opportunities to empower the residents’ independence. Michelle gained valuable experience caring for patients with mental health issues, behavioral challenges, and chronic diseases. Many of the residents also had difficulty with verbal expression; however, Michelle was able to address their needs by examining more than verbal language and investigating their surroundings and connecting with residents one-on-one. Michelle aims to empower her patients and provide them with compassionate care. She is a firm believer in chronic disease management.

Michelle will go to great lengths to provide individualized care no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. Whether her clients need a quick wound patch, or an advocate in the doctor’s office, Michelle brings professionalism and passion to her clients and their families.

Michelle grew up in Washington, and in her free time, she enjoys caring for her two young children.

Lisa has over eight years of experience in the medical field. Working in medicine has given Lisa much insight into the struggles people face when navigating the medical system, especially when using complex insurance policies.

Lisa’s concentration during graduate school was working with older adults and their families or support systems. She’s seen a growing need to have services catered to older adults. Lisa’s passionate about helping her clients age with dignity and autonomy. She knows that older adults hold amazing experiences and perspectives, and honoring them in their later years is essential for a happy and healthy society.

Lisa spent two years volunteering at the Crisis Clinic, where a large percentage of callers were older adults feeling isolated. Supporting them by phone sometimes was the only socialization they had, and hearing stories about their experiences and hurdles gave Lisa deep empathy and compassion for what older adults face. She has also spent one year working at a skilled nursing facility and one year as a Care Manager intern.

She spent three years at the University of Washington in the Family Medical Residency Network, three years at Harborview at the Sleep and ENT/Sleep Surgery Clinic, and over two years at Group Health (now Kaiser Permanente) in the Behavioral Health Clinic. At Harborview, Lisa worked with highly diverse populations from adolescents to older adults, people who used interpreters, individuals who were incarcerated, and indigent populations, which exposed her to a wide array of life experiences and perspectives.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys musical events, theatre, and soaking in the beautiful sights Washington has to offer.

Esther holds a Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington with a focus on health and is a Licensed Social Work Associate & Independent Clinical Social Worker. She's also a fellow of the Northwest Leaders Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) NL-SBIRT training program.

Esther has experience addressing the concerns of chronic health conditions, mental health diagnoses, and substance use disorders of vulnerable older adults at organizations such as Group Health and Kaiser Permanente, as well as numerous other agencies that serve seniors affected by homelessness. She is a member of the WA State Chapter of the Society for Social Work Leadership in Healthcare, as well as the WA State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Esther has served as a Board Member for the Lambda LGBT Community Center and as a Latino Council Member for the Northside Aztlan Community Center in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Esther’s mother was a Certified Nurse’s Aid and spent her life working with the senior community. Like her mother, Esther is passionate about caring for aging adults and especially feels passionate about advocating for aging adults to age with dignity and with access to the highest quality of care. Esther is proud to be continuing her mother’s love for caring for aging adults and feels honored that Fedelta has given her the means and the opportunity to do so.

Esther is an artist in many capacities and in her free time she sings karaoke, draws, paints, and does photography. Esther used to be a professional cake decorator and continues to bake and decorate in her spare time. Esther loves to garden, hike, swim at the beach, and she even loves the Seattle cloudy and rainy days. Esther habla Español, si necesitas alguien que puede entender Español.

TracyJo has many years of experience in the healthcare and management industries. She has held a variety of esteemed positions within Fedelta, including starting out as a caregiver, as well as care coordination. Empathy, compassion, and loyalty are three traits which TracyJo would use to describe herself, and she strives to ensure those attributes are reflected in the work she does with caregivers and clients. She seizes the opportunity to endure any challenge that may confront her, and her independent initiative allows her to achieve success and satisfaction. One of TracyJo’s favorite aspects of Fedelta is that it feels like an intimate, family environment in which she enjoys “treating everyone with the same respect as she would with her own family members.” TracyJo was born and raised in Washington, loves animals and children, and rides her motorcycle on weekends.

Eva is a 1st-year practicum student for the School of Social Work at the University of Washington. Her passion working with older populations began in California, where she became a primary caregiver for her grandmother, prior and during home hospice. She is interested in pursuing a dual MSW/MPH (Master in Public Health) degree in order to combine her social service fieldwork experience and mixed methods research. She is a bilingual first generation Latina dedicated to implement culturally-competent elder care. For fun, she enjoys playing indoor soccer, singing karaoke, and eating freshly-baked cookies! 

Kayleigh is a 1st-year practicum student in the MSW program at UW, with a focus on elder care. Growing up, she saw how much personalized care helped her grandfather be healthy and happy for years after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis; it inspired her to pursue a career as a home caregiver, to continue spreading this idea to more senior care communities and practices. In her spare time, she loves to sew clothing, learn new crafts, and make more durable toys for her two destructive cats.

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