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Disease Management

As people live longer; many are living with chronic health conditions. It is estimated that almost 80% of all health care resources are currently utilized by people living with chronic diseases. Health care providers across the continuum are striving to manage both these conditions and rising associated costs. Disease management programs are being implemented in all healthcare settings: hospitals, clinics, community based and home health programs. Goals of such programs include:

  • To maintain quality of life while living with a chronic disease.

  • To reduce hospitalizations.

  • To manage economic burden of healthcare resource utilization.

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Nearly all health plans; including Medicare and Medicaid have initiated strategies intended to manage the increasing cost burden of chronic disease treatment. Many of these efforts include some type of Disease Management Program.

Fedelta Home Care has identified their position and role in the disease management continuum as providing specially trained RNs, MSWs, and caregivers to assist with disease management compliance of clients living independently. Our Home Care Team Members provide practical assistance for clients, allowing them to remain safe and independent in their home, manage their chronic condition symptoms and participate fully in their life.

 We provide the following Disease Management programs:

Following Care Plans developed by the client’s health care provider, medication orders and monitoring directives; RNs and MSWs are available to perform assessments, provide education reinforcement, accompaniment to medical appointments, medication reconciliation, monitor symptoms, maintain communication with medical care team and implement care plan changes as necessary. In-home caregivers prompt and assist individuals with performing their prescribed tasks including: medication reminders, weights, monitoring vital signs and blood glucose levels, following recommended food plan and activity routines. Our goal is to assist clients in sustaining compliance with their individual health care plan; preventing exacerbation of symptoms, hospitalization, and loss of independence.

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