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Foot Care

Foot Care in the Home

Taking care of your feet is very important.  Your feet have taken a lot of abuse over the years, and add in a diagnosis of diabetes, poor circulation, or improper nail care and you could end up with serious problems.  Having your feet checked regularly will address any issues that may be present.  This may not be easy for all people to go to a podiatrist regularly, so our nurses have the tools and training to come to you.

Thorough Evaluation by Foot Care Nurse

Our nurses have been specifically trained to provide foot care and will assess your feet for any problems and care that is needed.  They will work with you to address your concerns and develop an on-going plan to keep your feet healthy.

Reduce Calluses and Corns

Calluses and corns can develop for various reasons, and sometimes they cause problems and even pain.  Our nurses can reduce these and provide relief.

Toenail Trimming and Filing

Many times toenails can be difficult to trim properly.  This is very important to prevent problems from developing.  Our nurses are able to trim to a good grow out level and reduce the risk on ingrown nails.

Address Minor problems

We are able to provide relief from some problems, like a minor ingrown nail. 

Recommendations, Advice, and Referrals

We will offer advice and recommendations to keep your feet healthy.  And when needed, we will provide a referral to a podiatrist. 

Diabetic Foot Care and other circulatory concerns

Diabetes foot care is especially important.  We will provide appropriate foot care and education to clients on how they can continue to care for their feet and reduce the risk of foot problems.

If you have problems with your feet, give us a call at 206-362-2366. Our foot care nurses can help, or we can assist you in a referral to a podiatrist.


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