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Geriatric Care Management

Hire a Care Manager in Seattle, WA with experience in geriatric care to meet the healthcare needs of your loved one


Don’t face the challenges of caring for an aging family member alone – turn to Fedelta’s Geriatric Care Management services for guidance. Our Care Managers can assist you with all aspects of long-term care and equip you with the resources and support your family needs.


Our RN and MSW Care Managers have additional education and expertise in senior care issues. Fedelta's Care Managers focus on meeting the specialized needs of seniors, helping your family locate resources and make informed care decisions. Think of geriatric care management as a one-stop solution to long-term senior care.


Because of their wealth of experience and broad familiarity with resources for seniors, Fedelta’s Care Managers often present solutions the client has not considered. Geriatric care management encompasses the following services:


  • Develop a Comprehensive Care Plan

  • Set Goals for Recovery and Improvement

  • Review and Manage Medications

  • Arrange Wellness Visits

  • Provide Referrals to Specialists

  • Help with Insurance and Benefits

  • Provide Advice Regarding Medical, Financial, and Legal Issues

  • Select and Oversee Caregivers

  • Facilitate Transitions to Senior Living Facilities

  • Serve as a Liaison Between Clients and Family Members

  • Provide Mediation and Crisis Intervention to Families


A Care Manager serves as a single point of contact for clients and families, helping them coordinate the full spectrum of their healthcare needs. Our Care Managers have experience assessing each situation, planning care programs, monitoring client care plans, and providing additional services, so they can ensure that your family’s long-term care goals are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition to helping seniors and their families directly, Care Managers act as a liaison between clients and a range of other professionals who are part of their elder care network, including the following service providers:


  • Attorneys or trust offices

  • Physicians and other healthcare providers

  • Social workers and discharge planners

  • Senior living communities


Attorneys or trust officers


A Care Manager serves as both an elder advocate and intermediary between clients and their financial and legal advisors. A Care Manager is also an excellent source of referrals for families who require legal services.

Physicians and other healthcare providers


A Care Manager is an ideal liaison between healthcare providers and elder patients and their family members. A Care Manager can put together a team of healthcare professionals, coordinate medical care, accompany clients to medical appointments, and report findings to family members.


Social workers and discharge planners


Hospital and nursing home social workers and discharge planners may also be involved in the care of your elderly family member. A Care Manager helps to coordinate with these professionals to ensure that services run smoothly and that there is no concern or worry during transitions.


Senior living communities


If you are looking for a senior living community, Fedelta's Care Managers will assess your care needs or those of your loved one, create a care plan, and help you determine which type of senior living community is appropriate, whether it's independent living, assisted living, an adult family home, memory care or a skilled nursing home.


What are the benefits of geriatric care management?


Fedelta’s geriatric care management services in the greater Seattle area are helpful for anyone who needs guidance in caring for an aging family member. Geriatric care management services provide assistance with all aspects of long-term care. A Care Manager ensures that your loved one’s physical, emotional, and social needs are met and frequently re-evaluates his or her care plan, making adjustments as necessary.


Working with a Care Manager helps families save time and lower long-term care costs. The RN and MSW Care Managers at Fedelta Care Solutions are knowledgeable about the wide range of resources available to seniors, so they can recommend the most affordable and appropriate solutions. The biggest advantage of working with a Fedelta Care Manager, however, is in the peace of mind that it gives you. When you have a Care Manager, you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the right level of care.


Helping families navigate the maze of elderly care options


At Fedelta, our goal is to improve quality of life for seniors while relieving caregiver stress. Our Care Managers help you meet the challenges of long-term care and put together a comprehensive plan to meet your loved one’s present and future needs. We serve Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Tacoma, Everett, and surrounding communities throughout the Puget Sound region. Contact us today to set up a consultation about our geriatric care management services. 


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