Senior Housing Types

Seniors playing cardsToday in the Puget Sound area, there are literally thousands of choices for senior living communities and housing. While our Senior Housing Placement experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have, here's a brief overview of the five types of senior housing communities that are available. Our senior housing experts can help you find the best senior housing type that fits your family member’s needs.

Retirement Communities 

Retirement Communities, or Independent Living Communities as they are sometimes called, can be a good option for seniors who are seeking more social interaction in their lives, or who may be tiring of daily chores such as house cleaning, cooking all three meals, and yard work.   The variety of retirement communities in the greater Seattle area is incredibly vast. Here are few things to expect from most of these communities:
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Assisted Living Communities

The choice to move into an assisted living community can be a difficult one, as it is often brought on by need rather than choice.  Assisted living communities often great social programs, daily activities, exercise, full meal options, and the safety and security of 24 hour caregiver staffing.  However, when it feels we don't have a choice in the matter, the amenities will do little to make up for the loss in independence.  Our Certified Senior Advisors can work with families to present the option of both assisted living and home care, ensuring that the independence and dignity of the senior is respected and considered at all times.  Here are some things to expect from an assisted living community:
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Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Communities

Memory care communities are entire communities, or specific wings of another community, that admit seniors with an Alzheimer's or Dementia diagnosis.  Often times these residents have need of a specialized community that offers additional programming, staffing support, training, and security.  The needs of Alzheimer's and Dementia residents do vary greatly, and our team of nurses would be happy to meet with you to complete a free assessment to help you determine if a specialized community is right for your situation.  Here are a few things to expect from a memory care community:
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Adult Family Homes 

Adult Family Homes are often viewed as an alternative option to assisted living communities.  The prices are comparable, many times a bit cheaper, and the staffing ratios are better.  Adult family homes are private residential homes that are licensed to provide care for up to six residents in private or semi-private rooms, whereas assisted living communities can be as large as 50-250 apartments. Here are a few other things to note about adult family homes:
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Skilled Nursing Homes 

Skilled Nursing Centers are just like every other housing type on our list, there is a wide range of them out there.  The difference in this category is that often the seniors who live here, have health needs that prevent them from being a strong personal advocate for the care they are receiving.  In addition, the care needs can be so high, that mistakes have consequences that can be much more severe.  This is not to scare you away from skilled nursing centers, but to emphasize the importance of choosing the right one, and then maintaining on-going, watchful oversight of the care.  Here is what you can expect from a skilled nursing center:
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"As a hospital care manager, I have since referred many of my patients and families to Fedelta, both for caregivers and also visiting nurse services. I continue to hear excellent feedback from clients about the care they receive from Fedelta."

Monica Haug, RN, Care Manager, Swedish Hospital


What to expect from your Fedelta senior housing eldercare expert after your free assessment:



Your Care Solutions Advisor will prepare a customized tour plan based on the initial assessment to include geographic preferences, health needs, lifestyle preferences and financial requirements.




Your Care Solutions Advisor will schedule tours of pre-selected communities that meet your requirements and are in good survey standing with the State of WA.




Your Care Solutions Advisor will escort you to each community and ensure the best questions are being asked and that you are 100% satisfied before making a selection.




Your Care Solutions Advisor will provide you with a post-evaluation of your tour experience to assist you in making an educated decision that meets your needs.


One of the biggest values your Fedelta eldercare advisor provides you is the insight to know which questions to ask on your behalf…and the experience to know what to expect of the senior housing provider.