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Customer Testimonials

"You not only helped and loved my mother, but you helped me - knowing you were there for her." -Rebecca 

"Our Fedelta Care Manager was there for mom when I couldn’t be. She demonstrated such professionalism and offered us guidance when we didn’t know where to turn. We know mom is in good hands." -Esther

"[T]hrough your care from Fedelta, my father was able to have my mother next to him in bed when she died, peacefully.  A request he has asked from me to help him achieve for the last 20 years.  Your service is great and anytime I can be a referral do not hesitate ask." -Allan

"Fedelta has provided me with very competent people that I’ve grown fond of." -Judy M.

"Fedelta was a great help when I was taking care of my wife through a difficult illness. I wanted live-in aides, and it was important that they understand written English well because my wife was unable to speak. Fedelta took about a week to line up two aides -  one was an LPN and the other was studying nursing in college. They staffed my job with just two people, so the same two people were there from week to week. This was most helpful. The nurses had the opportunity to get to know us and to understand my wife's needs. We did not have to continually teach new people what she needed. And they really did have strong written English skills. 

I was impressed with everyone I met from Fedelta. I chose them after asking home care advice from a friend who works as a cancer nurse. That friend surveyed her contacts at work and suggested Fedelta and one other company. I also asked two social workers at Group Health and they both suggested Fedelta and different other companies. Fedelta came up over and over in the recommendations, so I went with them. 

I saw some other comments here on Yelp about Fedelta being disorganized. That was not my experience. The nurses showed up when they were supposed to and kept good records of my wife's complicated medications. I think it probably helps if you can contract with Fedelta before you are in a desperate situation. I did not have any billing surprises. They billed me like they told me they would. Fedelta made a difficult situation a little easier to deal with. I recommend them." -Anonymous

"I am a registered nurse and a care manager, and also a daughter. When my mother broke her arm and needed a caregiver with her around-the-clock, we were referred to Fedelta. They provided caregivers on very short notice, as we were a little desperate. My finicky mother adored her caregivers. They kept excellent notes so I could see how she did each day. As a hospital care manager, I have since referred many of my patients and families to Fedelta, both for caregivers and also visiting nurse services. I continue to hear excellent feedback from clients about the care they receive from Fedelta. They thank me for giving them a wonderful resource that helps them stay in their own homes, happily and safely." -Monica Haug, RN, Care Manager, Swedish Hospital

"Before Fedelta, we spent an enormous amount of time and energy taking my father to the doctors, checking his medications, and dealing with problems with his caregivers. We felt overwhelmed and we needed expert help. Fedelta was recommended to us by Northern Trust, where my father has some accounts. Fedelta's caregivers are excellent, and my father is delighted with them. Everyone is very accommodating, and responsive to our questions and concerns. They work hard to explain things and fix problems when they happen. At Fedelta, they're nice people who have the expertise to be effective care management specialists." -Ben

"Thank you for your days here with my mother - she loved all you and trusted you. I bless you for your gentle care of her. Thanks so much" -Holly

"My friend and mentor is a retired college professor who had a passion for the arts and traveling abroad. Her lifestyle changed dramatically a few years ago, when she had a massive stroke and was then diagnosed with dementia. Her siblings in Norway encouraged her to sell her home and move into an adult family home, but she is independent and wanted to remain at home. She enlisted my help to find a qualified company that could provide both nursing care and companion-care services.

Fedelta has been helping my friend for the past three years, looking out for her best interests and bringing her joy. I can count on them for progress updates, and they respond quickly when changes occur. Fedelta delivers compassionate, quality care not only to the elder client, but also to their loved ones." -Ingrid

"Thank you so much for taking such loving care of our beloved mother. She loved all the people she was in contact with in the last days." -Kristie

"I want to thank you for the wonderful service we have had for the past weeks. This has been a real life saver for me. The ladies have all been so pleasant and cooperative and we have liked every one of them so much. I hope I never need this service again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call upon you. I highly recommend you to anyone needing care." -Frank

"My mother was hesitant to start Fedelta home care services even though she has frequent hospital admissions for care. We insisted that she receive care so that they could be reassured that she was safe and healthy. There was also a desire to keep her out of the hospital again. My mother remained determined to stay independent, and the only way to perform an assessment was to convince her to go to ice cream with one of our team members.

When her caregivers arrived to start services, my mother told them they could go home because she did not want help. The following day one of the Fedelta care managers arrived at the time of the appointment to find my mother in the middle of a heart attack. The care manager immediately called 911 and got her to the hospital with enough time to get on vital medications to reduce the heart attack. My mother is recovering now and thankful she had the support to help save her life. We are grateful for Fedelta saving our mother's life."                      -Rosemarie

"Steve, We just wanted you to know how much we all value and appreciate your employee Rodi. She currently is visiting & helping our dad everyday. Rodi is an exceptional caregiver and always foresees what the next task is. She also has changed his demeanor and attitude in a positive way. She has gained our dad's trust which may at times be difficult at best. We just wanted to reach out to you to let you know, in our eyes what an exceptional employee you have and we are so very grateful." -Maureen and Kathy

"Peter was absolutely awesome. He was caring, compassionate, and simply amazing. He helped us through a hard time the night of my husband’s passing and was a great comfort and joy to our family. Thank you for the excellent care you gave us." -Marilyn

"You and your team have been stellar in helping us with mom's situation- what a challenging year it's been! We couldn't have been happier and pleased with how loving and caring Susan and Sahra have been with mom and how on point you've been in working with all the schedule changes let alone the initial difficulty in getting mom to accept help. You all were the essential ingredient in moving mom from crisis to stability." -Karen L.

"My mom is 89, and has had Alzheimer's for 12 years. Dad, 87, recently fell and broke his hip. They needed assistance, but we didn't want to uproot them to a rehabilitation center. We needed to address our parents' acute medical needs, but it was really important for their overall well-being that they remain happy. After 65 years of marriage, we felt they'd do best living at home with competent, compassionate caregivers.

Both my parents felt immediately comfortable with their Fedelta caregivers, and we were relieved to hand over daily responsibilities to their capable hands. Our caregivers are so well-matched to my parents' needs, both medically and personally, we feel we could adopt them as honorary daughters for our parents! Without an ounce of hesitation, we recommend Fedelta to anyone needing the best care for loved ones." -Lily and John

"My dad had dementia, and my step-mom was his primary caregiver. It became harder for her to care for him as his condition declined, and when she had back surgery she was unable to care for him. Our experience with Fedelta has been superior. The staff, caregivers and nurses have all been outstanding. Based on my family's experience, I know Fedelta could fulfill a wide variety of needs, whether companion care or more extensive health care. This partnership has been a match made in heaven!" -Betty

"At age 88, my mom moved here from a California nursing home, where she was recovering from a broken hip and where she developed stage 4 bedsores. She was very weak and needed 24/7 live-in care. It was hard for us to see this social, vibrant, dynamic woman lose all that and become dependent on others. In 2008, we selected Fedelta to provide in-home nursing care services. As Mom's condition improved, she needed less medical care, and more companionship. Today, we are happy to report that our mom is alert, bright and cheerful. She plays competitive bridge three times a week, and enjoys playing Scrabble with her companion caregiver. Everyone at Fedelta exceeded our expectations! I would tell anyone looking for home care that Fedelta provides a customized care plan for the person needing it." -Dorothy

"I wanted to write to complement you on the excellent individuals that you have assembled as part of your Fedelta Care Solutions Team. By way of background, I am a neurosurgeon and director of the brain tumor center at Swedish Medical Center. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 4.5 years ago and am currently in hospice. My wife and I had an unsatisfactory experience with one of your competitors which prompted our switching to your team one week ago.

I wanted to let you know that we have been thoroughly pleased with the professionalism and level of service that we have encountered throughout your organization. From our initial "same-day" intake encounter with Darin Meyer to our most recent issues with scheduling, your staff has made us feel as though we are the center of their attention. 

I want to particularly point out the excellent responsiveness of your scheduling team on 6/2/13 when we needed a last minute substitution on a Sunday morning. My first call was to Darin Meyer who contacted Marcie the on-call scheduler who did a terrific job securing a replacement caregiver and kept us informed throughout the morning as to her progress. This was a great stress reliever. The replacement caregiver turned out to be Robert Boateng who exemplifies the kind of professionalism and compassion towards me and my wife which we have been looking for. Finally, we have had prompt and sensitive followup from Dwayne in the scheduling office to insure that we have a long term solution in place as we move forward.

All in all, your team has gone above and beyond to make us feel as though our needs are being addressed. This has turned a stressful situation into one of comfort and security. I just wanted to be sure to recognize your efforts in building such a terrific team and their reflection in the fine individuals mentioned above." -Greg

"It has been one month ago today that Suzy first came to our apartment in the Pete Gross House to assist with the care of my husband, Bob, and I wanted to take this opportunity to write and tell you that she has been such an excellent choice and placement, both for Bob's home-health needs and for her assistance to me. As is often the case when the patient and the spouse are both elderly and in their 70's, the assistance given benefits both of them greatly. Thank you very much for sending her to us.

Suzy maintains the highest standards of professionalism and yet is unfailing friendly and pleasant. She has developed a high degree of rapport and of trust with my husband, and this is evidenced by the fact that for the past ten days he has been hospitalized at the UW Medical Center following emergency vascular surgery, and Suzy has continued to be with him there daily, Monday through Saturday, from noon until six p.m. Of all the other hospital or family personnel available to him, Suzy is the one he turns to for assistance as he recovers the use of his hand and arm. She continually upgrades her knowledge of his condition and has paid close attention to the Physical and Occupational Therapists instructions so that she can assist in continuing these necessary exercises to regain movement and function after he is discharged from the hospital.

It speaks very high of Suzy's attitude and skills that the UW Nurses on the Acute Care Ward where Bob resides ( as he is still very much at risk for infection following his Stem Cell Transplant,) have told our family that it is a relief for them that Suzy is there with him, for they appreciate that he has her constant, knowledgeable attention so much of the day when they have so many other duties." -Donna

"Thank you for your assistance. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful work that Gwynne and the other caregivers provided for my husband and me. You truly have a great organization." -Kathy

"Fedelta Caregiving Staff, You folks did an amazing job taking care of Jim at the end of his life. I want to thank you for your attentiveness and collaboration. Your efforts on his behalf made an important difference." -Jessica, RN, Evergreen Health Hospital 

"I would like to highly recommend Ann, Ann has been my mother's caregiver for 6 months and my family and myself have been very impressed with the level of care she has given my mom. I can always depend that she will be on time. Do her job efficiently with the best positive attitude. I am always amazed at her level of awareness of the little things that need to be done and her attention to detail. I truly do believe that Ann has improved the quality of my mother's life and my family's life.  I have felt like I can leave my mom in her care and I know my mom and my home will be in the best care." -Ali

"I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent care your home-care live-ins provided to my good friend Raymond. Oyunbileg spent four days each week, and Richard spent three days each week caring for Ray since early April, 2012. I interacted with both care-givers fairly often, especially lately as Ray's health declined until he passed away. I always found them cheerful and very attentive to Ray's every need. 

Ray often commented to me that he really liked both care-givers and considered himself to be a lucky man to have such good companions. Conditions were difficult for Oyunbileg and Richard the last several weeks because Ray's dishwasher sprang a leak, and the kitchen and adjacent areas had to be torn up to be dried out, and it remains torn-up because of insurance foot-dragging. Yet neither care-giver complained and managed to do their work to the same high standards as before." -Richard

"This is just a short note to tell you how happy my family has been so far with the care provided to them by Martha. She has been providing care for my father, for the past few weeks and has being doing a first class job.  My mother, Esther, and my father, Max, find her to be competent and compassionate and when she comes to take care of Max, she provides a stable and caring environment in their home.  Thank you so much for sending such a terrific person to care for Max at this time in his life. She is the ultimate professional in her duties and a genuinely kind person. Thank you very much." -Sandra F

"Wanted you to know that we have been working with Nikki on a MWF schedule and have been frankly delighted with her care, professionalism, work ethic, good judgment and thoughtfulness in caring for my father, Vincent. His improvement has been rather striking, and I attribute much of this to Nikki's excellent support." -W.J.