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Apr 12 2021

One of the most stressful things in life is an upended routine, and nothing can disrupt your family's schedule quite like a surgery. Surgery sometimes increases feelings of strain and pressure for both the patient and the people that love them. Beyond the big picture of health concerns and fears that surgery can cause, little things can add up, too—dishes, chores, leisure and self-care can start to slip through the cracks. read more

Apr 07 2021

National Walking Day is the first Wednesday in April each year and it's one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. Honor National Walking Day by taking a short jaunt around your neighborhood or a longer stroll at a local park! It's the perfect celebration now that all of the trees and flowers are in bloom. Plus, people of all ages and exercise levels can partake! read more

Apr 01 2021

Here are some resources to help understand disease management within in-home care as well as ideas to help choose the right path for your family. read more

Mar 30 2021

This quick 12 question self-test will help help you evaluate if one of your loved ones might benefit from in-home care. For your privacy, no test answers are recorded. read more

Feb 26 2021

Your medical journey through a hospital can be tumultuous at times but culminates in your final release. This is how to prepare for a hospital discharge. read more

Feb 19 2021

You want the safest situation for your high-needs baby, so prepare yourself ahead of time. These are the top things to know when bringing home your NICU baby. read more

Feb 17 2021

February 19th is National Caregiver's Day, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the 200+ Caregivers that make Fedelta Home Care one of the most trusted Home Care companies in the Northwest. read more

Feb 17 2021

Caregivers give so much of themselves that they don't always know how to take time for themselves. These are a few easy ways for caregivers to take a break. read more

Jan 29 2021

There will come a time when your parents need help, but they may resist it. Instead of fighting them, this is what to do if your aging parents don't want help. read more

Jan 20 2021

Caring for someone with Parkinson's is a hard task you must prepare yourself for. Check out these tips for caregivers of loved ones with Parkinson's disease. read more

Jan 15 2021

Older adults need certain accommodations in their living situation to ensure safety. Check out these ways to make your home safer for your aging parents. read more

Jan 06 2021

Every year Fedelta awards scholarships to employees that work towards improving their skills with additional education. As one of the only home care agencies that recognize and reward these ambitions and accomplishments, we are very excited to announce our newest recipient, Tajarii Gray. read more

Dec 23 2020

There comes a time when caring for an older adult by yourself is too burdensome, so find help. This is how to choose a home health care provider. read more

Dec 14 2020

Caring for dementia patients is often a challenging task. Whether you are a senior caregiving professional or simply looking to care for your parents, grandparents, or loved one with dementia, it's of utmost importance to approach the whole process with knowledge, patience, and understanding. read more

Dec 14 2020

Caring for those with MS requires continuous attention and flexibility as symptoms change daily. Here are the essential tips for multiple sclerosis caregivers. read more

Dec 08 2020

Living with or caring for older adults can be challenging, especially as their health needs evolve. These are the early signs of dementia in adults. read more

Nov 24 2020

Cultivating creative outlets is essential to the aging process and increases mental acuity. Here are a few exercises seniors can do to keep their minds sharp. read more

Nov 16 2020

Dealing with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can be challenging, especially in the later stages. Here is what to expect from your ALS nursing care plan. read more

Nov 12 2020

With increasing age, new health challenges that alter daily life arise. These are the early signs of Alzheimer's disease to be on the lookout for. read more

Oct 28 2020

Those with physical limitations must know healthcare rules to see if they are eligible for specific services. Here is who qualifies for homebound status. read more

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