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Jan 18 2022

Looking to play music for an Alzheimer's patient? Check out this playlist by Fedelta! read more

Jan 11 2022

Talking to your parents about home care options can be daunting, but Fedelta explains the best ways to start that conversation. read more

Jan 04 2022

During tax season, it's important to understand all of the benefits and deductions you can earn as an at-home caregiver. read more

Dec 27 2021

According to in-home care specialists in Seattle, an at-home exercise routine for seniors can improve their quality of life and chance of independence. Balance exercises for seniors and chair exercises for seniors improves strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. read more

Dec 21 2021

Senior care service encourages caretakers to look for seasonal depression in seniors. Here are a few steps that can boost your senior's mental health. read more

Dec 13 2021

Here are a few winter safety tips for seniors from senior home care experts at Fedelta. read more

Dec 07 2021

Navigating dementia home care during the holidays can be challenging. Here are some suggested holiday activities for dementia patients and tips on how to make the holidays safe and fun from home health care Seattle experts. read more

Nov 23 2021

At-home hospice care treats your loved one's terminal symptoms once you've decided to end treatment. This senior care provides quality of life for those who have six months or less to live. read more

Nov 16 2021

The best foods for healthy aging are also anti-aging foods filled with nutrients and antioxidants. You can commit to healthy eating for seniors by eating food that nourishes your body and avoiding processed food. read more

Nov 09 2021

Although you've been living in the midst of a pandemic, it's helpful to brush up on your flu prevention techniques in order to keep yourself and others around you safe and healthy. This is particularly important if you're 65 and older, or interface often with people who are considered seniors. read more

Nov 02 2021

If there are at-home caregivers in your life, it doesn't take much to throw a little extra love their way. Here are five ways to thank and honor at-home caregivers. read more

Oct 25 2021

If you're wondering how to help your loved one with post-surgical care, consider hiring an after-surgery in-home care professional. read more

Oct 18 2021

There's a link between dementia & depression that could help doctors identify dementia sooner, resulting in earlier memory care for their patients. read more

Oct 11 2021

Checking for early signs of breast cancer can be pivotal in treatment. Some signs may vary depending on the type of breast cancer. read more

Oct 04 2021

Flu season is about to rear its ugly head. It's always a concerning time of year, because the flu can be dangerous for those who are 65 years or older. read more

Sep 28 2021

Knowing & catching the early signs of prostate cancer gives you a better chance at a full recovery. Here is everything you need to know about maintaining prostate health. read more

Sep 21 2021

Recognizing symptoms of dementia early on can result in an earlier dementia diagnosis and care plan. Support by Seattle's home care experts at Fedelta may result in less cognitive decline. read more

Sep 14 2021

Here are five preventative care for seniors tips that will promote aging gracefully and more importantly, healthy aging. read more

Sep 09 2021

Pain management is an important part of senior care. There are strategies that will help you manage pain during your in-home care, like medication & physical therapy. read more

Sep 02 2021

Providing a senior companion as part of your home health care plan has so many benefits for your senior, like improved mental & physical health. read more

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