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Nov 11 2015

If you're caring for someone with Alzheimer's, the holidays can be particularly challenging. Family traditions may no longer make sense to your loved one and the added stress of caregiving can mean you're simply not in a festive mood. Here are some tips to help create a memorable holiday for both you and your loved one. read more

Nov 02 2015

Even though diabetes is a common disease, each individual with the disease is going to have unique symptoms, risk factors, and needs in maintaining their health. read more

Oct 23 2015

Because we live in a much more mobile society than previous generations, families are often scattered from one end of the country to the other. So, when a parent or grandparent needs care and support, or when a care crisis occurs, families come face to face with the challenge of long-distance caregiving. read more

Oct 08 2015

The risk of getting breast cancer does increase with age. Unfortunately, breast cancer may be more complicated for someone older in age due to other health complications and additional medications that older adults may be taking to combat those health issues. It is important as we age to start becoming aware of complications that might be ahead of us, and stay as healthy and active as possible to fight cancer risks. read more

Aug 21 2015

Are you trying to care for your loved one while you live far away or are bogged down with work and family? One of the biggest reasons why we would encourage a family to use Care Management services for their loved one is because our Care Managers will serve as an advocate from the start of care. read more

Jul 09 2015

Are you undergoing surgery in the near future? read more

May 20 2015

Our Founder and CEO Steve Meyer has joined the Board of the Washington Home Care Association! read more

May 06 2015

It is important to first understand the disease and symptoms to then take the necessary steps to manage the disease. read more

Apr 28 2015

Join us as we "Get into the Act" of creating wellness for older Americans and for everyone seeking to increase their overall health and well-being. read more

Mar 27 2015

A Fedelta caregiver gets the support she needs to pursue her career read more

Jan 14 2015

Thirteen of our most devoted and loyal caregivers have together put in 95,335 hours of care. And counting! read more

Aug 20 2014

A daughter contacted Fedelta to discuss the available assisted living options for her father. She had expressed to us that her father was suffering from severe anxiety and that he required a precise scheudle of medication administration and the need of quick help in case of panic and mental distress. He wanted to live in a cozy and comfortable environment in an easy to navigate building. Her father also wanted to have a button to alert the assisted living staff in case of an emergency. The family also had a $5000 budget. read more

Apr 04 2012

In February, Alzheimer's research came to the forefront of the medical care debate as President Obama advocated for a Health Department plan that boosts research funding for Alzheimer's disease. An read more

May 31 2011

When you or a family member reaches an age where independent living is no longer an option, the choice of continuing to live your own way, in your own home, is still there with in-home elderly care. read more

May 30 2011

Blindness, especially when combined with depression, can be devastating without the right assistance. When a blind downtown Seattle resident found herself in need of 24 hour in home care, she didn't read more

Apr 26 2011

Washington will become the first state to clamp down on the unregulated, explosive growth of elder-care referral businesses that rake in profits, sometimes deceptively, by promising to help families read more

Mar 02 2011

Mom isn't getting around as well as she used to. The family worries about whether she is taking her medications as directed, and they notice that she is "letting herself go." She seldom attends her read more

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