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Jan 29 2021

There will come a time when your parents need help, but they may resist it. Instead of fighting them, this is what to do if your aging parents don't want help. read more

Mar 24 2020

Choosing an in-home caregiver is an intensely personal choice for seniors and care advocates whose goals are to maintain a standard of living and independence in the home for as long as possible. In-home caregivers provide seniors with a new-found sense of freedom from the burdens of housework and personal care that prevent them from enjoying preferred activities. Relying on others for healing or the activities of daily living, can feel intimidating, impolite, or seem ungrateful to voice objections. Accepting help can also be a sensitive subject for those who are used to being self-reliant. So, how to promote self-advocacy in seniors? read more

Dec 06 2019

As your loved one's age, you don't always have time to be there for them. Caregivers are a reliable addition to your support system that can provide everything from health care to companionship to the people that mean the most to you. read more

Dec 18 2018

Here are some tips for helping your aging loved one live better and cope with their Alzheimer's disease. read more

Sep 26 2018

How can you meet the changing needs of a chronically ill loved one? Here are 5 reasons home care is the right choice for you and your family. read more

Jun 27 2018

When dealing with chronic illness, many seniors lose their sense of motivation. Here's how you can help your loved ones thrive during difficult moments. read more

Jun 20 2018

Diet and nutrition are commonly overlooked in dementia management, but they have a significant impact on one's health. Here are some foods that could help control the symptoms of dementia. read more

May 23 2018

Are you a senior looking to start a healthy exercise routine? Here are some fantastic exercise plans that work for people of all ages. read more

Apr 19 2018

Are you ready for warmer weather? Here are some great spring activities that will bring the whole family, young and old, together for the season. read more

Apr 13 2018

How can technology improve your quality of life? Here are 3 reasons seniors should take advantage of new advances in their everyday lives. read more

Mar 28 2018

Is your personal health information as safe in digital form as it was on paper? Here's how you can protect yourself from fraud in the digital age. read more

Oct 07 2016

Learn more about Seattle's home care industry by the numbers... As of a 2015 estimate by the census bureau, there are 684,451 people living in Seattle. Of those, an estimated 10.8% are over the age of 65. This means that there are around 74,000 residents in Seattle past retirement age, and this figure is expected to grow by nearly 140 people per day. read more

May 10 2016

9 Tips for driving safe, cautious, and alert. Understand that there may be limitations to your driving. read more

Nov 16 2015

But choosing the perfect present for the senior in your life can sometime pose a challenge, particularly if a medical condition confines them to spending much of their time at home. read more

Oct 02 2015

Fedelta encourage families to start thinking ahead so they can be well-informed and make the best long-term decision for their loved one. We have 8 ways that we can help you prepare before your aging parent is in desperate need for care: read more

Sep 01 2015

Unfortunately, depression in the elderly is frequently undiagnosed, often because the person suffering from the disease doesn't discuss it, seeing it as a sign of weakness. Symptoms of depression - exhaustion, lethargy, and loss of interest in daily activities - can be signs of other medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, low blood sugar or even a Vitamin D deficiency. So, if you suspect someone you care about is depressed, what can you do? Here are some tips: read more

Aug 28 2015

When we receive a call it is our goal to get as much detailed information about your families situation, and the overall goal that you are trying to achieve for your loved one so we can make sure to give you the best information and any details that will assist you through the process. The first point of contact is our Intake Specialist. She/he will ask you basic questions, try to figure out any health conditions your loved one may have and work with you to set up a home care assessment, or if you are looking into placement will set up a call for you to speak with our Care Solution Advisors. read more

Jun 17 2015

Whatever living option you determine is right for you, it's nice to know that you may have some opportunities to help finance your choice. read more

Jun 11 2015

Gone are the days when your choices were living at home or in a nursing home. read more

Jun 08 2015

Fedelta Care Solutions has come up with an easy guide for you to use, which will help you, decide the best home care agency for you. read more

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