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May 12 2015

Without the ability to easily get to church, the local senior center or even a restaurant, seniors become more isolated and lonely. read more

Mar 26 2015

After hibernating in a closed house for the winter, the first signs of spring present the opportunity to fling open a window and allow some fresh air in. read more

Jan 21 2015

Home care is one of the fastest growing niches in technology today. read more

Dec 16 2014

One thing that all the different traditions around the world have in common is the focus on family love, togetherness, and compassion. read more

Dec 02 2014

Creating comfortable situations for the elderly when mixed ages are visiting can be challenging, but happily the rewards are greater than the effort required. read more

Nov 26 2014

In The Season Of Thanks, Sometimes Regret read more

Nov 24 2014

There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season: family, friends, companionship, community. In our daily interactions with our clients, our conversations cover a broad range of topics. These interactions range from the ordinary to the sublime; once the business of caregiving is taken care of, a high level of trust often blossoms between the client and the caregiver. Our specially-selected caregivers are people who are truly interested in the wisdom and life insight that our clients can provide. These remembrances are so often tinged with satisfaction and happiness, but also sometimes with regret. Life by its nature entails great challenges; our caregivers have been blessed to hear the following advice regarding regret, making peace with the past, and revelling in the fact that each day entails new choices. read more

Oct 31 2014

When making tough decisions about planning the course of a loved one's care, the circumstances can become overwhelming. read more

Sep 24 2014

Hospice care is end of life care for someone suffering from a terminal disease, or a senior citizen who is failing to thrive. read more

Sep 17 2014

A son called, worried about the safety of his 73 year old father living at home alone. The son went on to explain that his father has Alzheimer's disease and his health is rapidly declining. In the afternoons, he becomes agitated and agressive and has wondered off several times, most recently The afternoons are becoming the most difficult part of his day. read more

May 08 2013

Pet owners appear to live longer, healthier more independent lives linked to multiple health benefits. For your loved one, only the best care can mean finding the right in home health care today where pets can stay as part of a healthy lifestyle. Fedelta even offers pet care along with its comprehensive services. read more

Apr 24 2013

What we visualize and our parents have in mind are often two different things for how they'd like to live as they advance in years.  While visiting a friend's mother I was impressed at how the dining read more

Mar 27 2013

     What do senior citizens and teenagers have in common? There is often a struggle over car keys, independence and the need for a serious talk now and then.  For teens, it is typically their lack read more

Mar 30 2011

 Two-thirds of caregivers in the United Stateswork outside of the home. This creates a unique challenge for both working caregivers and their employers. Juggling caregiving and work-related read more

Mar 23 2011

Caring for the elderly can be challenging-particularly if a loved one is resistant to care. Understand what is causing your loved one's resiatance and ho wyou can encourage coopoeration. By Mayo read more

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