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Oct 12 2017

Advancing age and retirement don't mean your life has to slow down. On the contrary, here's how regular exercise helps seniors stay healthy and independent. read more

Jan 11 2016

Happy New Year - Fedelta's 2016 Newsletter! read more

Dec 01 2015

Read our December 2015 Newsletter read more

Nov 01 2015

November is National Caregivers Month. read more

Oct 01 2015

Read our October 2015 Newsletter with articles surrounding Depression Awareness Month. read more

Sep 01 2015

We'll be discussing ways you can keep your brain healthy, and offer some tips on what to do if you or a loved one receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. read more

Aug 01 2015

In this issue of the Fedelta newsletter, we'll be discussing numerous preventive measures you can take to increase your health and well-being. read more

Jul 01 2015

For many seniors, independence can feel like a valued treasure that's slipping away. Physical limitations and health conditions create the need for assistance and make many feel overly dependent on others. In this edition of the Fedelta newsletter, we'll explore ways that seniors can retain as much independence as possible as they age. read more

Jun 01 2015

The importance of socialization is critical for our overall wellness – people who socialize more have been shown to be healthier than their isolated counterparts. In this edition of the Fedelta newsletter, we'll take a look at the importance of socialization and how to increase the opportunities for human connection in your life. read more

Apr 01 2015

Happy spring! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we've been seeing some of the signs of spring for a few weeks now. But April is typically when we can finally say "winter is over" and look forward to the warm and (hopefully) sunny days of summer! read more

Jul 15 2014

Greetings Fedelta Friends and Partners, Welcome to our new and improved monthly newsletter. It's been almost a year since we published our last edition. During that break we've been busy, and I'm excited to finally make a few public announcements. First, it's our 10-year anniversary this year! It's hard to believe all this started during Thanksgiving weekend back in 2004. What an amazing experience it's been, and the clients we help each and every day continue to make the process extremely rewarding for us. read more

Jan 11 2012

Happy New Year to all our friends! We hope that the beginning of 2012 finds you in good spirits. Have you made your New Year's resolutions yet? If you are a senior or a family caregiver, we'd like to read more

Dec 06 2011

'Tis the season to enjoy time with family! No matter what your holiday traditions, we hope that you are finding time to think about what's most important: the loving relationships that span read more

Nov 24 2011

Each November, we celebrate National Family Caregivers Month. 2011 has also been named "The Year of the Family Caregiver." Fedelta Care Solutions has been honored to provide support for many of these read more

Oct 06 2011

Pain has always been one of the great challenges for medical science. Pain cannot be seen or touched—it can only be described and reported by the person who is experiencing a painful condition. But read more

Sep 08 2011

September 2011 has been designated as World Alzheimer's Month, calling attention to the 35 million people worldwide who are dealing with this devastating disease. At the recent Alzheimer's read more

Aug 02 2011

With cell phones, social networking, email and texting, Americans would seem to be more connected than ever before. And yet sociologists tell us that in certain ways, we are more isolated than we read more

Jul 01 2011

Summer is here at last, and even though we've had a cooler than average spring, periods of hot weather will surely arrive. Working or playing in the sun, spending time in an unventilated home, or read more

Jun 03 2011

After our cooler than usual winter, warmer days will soon be here! For many of us, these more pleasant temperatures provide motivation to add more exercise to our routine. This is a good thing! Did read more

May 03 2011

May is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month Did you know that according to a study appearing in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Washington State has an above-average rate of read more

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