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Jun 22 2021

We have partnered with Crown Health to provide in-home primary care services. Now you don't have to leave your home to visit a doctor. read more

May 12 2021

Lou Billmyer, current Interim CEO of Fedelta Home Care, has been named the permanent CEO of the Seattle-based home care company. read more

Mar 30 2021

This quick 12 question self-test will help help you evaluate if one of your loved ones might benefit from in-home care. For your privacy, no test answers are recorded. read more

Dec 31 2019

Up to 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need some type of long-term care in their lifetime. But it can be tricky to determine when it's the right time to look into in-home care. Often, there are early signs that you or your loved one need assistance in the home. By recognizing these signs, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to begin looking into geriatric care agencies. read more

Sep 10 2019

Global trends in the developed and developing world indicate that the population of seniors is ever increasing. As their populace increases so do health challenges related to old age and related geriatric disease management. In fact, surveys indicate that an estimated 80% of seniors are under treatment for one chronic disease, while 68% are under treatment for two or more chronic diseases. read more

Jul 21 2019

Patients and elderly people need home care to ease their day to day activities. Management of chronic diseases is better when done within the residing area of the patient as opposed to being in an assisted-living facility. A live-in caregiver stays in the client's home and provides personalized help on a daily basis. read more

Jul 19 2019

Are you looking for Quality nursing care plan for Parkinson disease? Fedelta Home Care can provide a quality nursing care plan for Parkinson disease so that your loved one gets the care that they deserve. We work hard to create a comfortable environment for seniors with Parkinson disease, Alzheimer's, and other age-related disorders. With the right nursing care plan and professional assistance, at home care can be a viable option for those suffering with Parkinson disease. read more

Mar 11 2019

Watching an elderly parent struggle with their old age can be incredibly difficult for your entire family. For the first few decades of your life, you looked at your mother or father like they were invincible. Then, as you grew older, that started to change a little. Now that they are much older, though you still love them and respect them more than anything, they are going to need a lot of help. read more

Oct 10 2018

Are you considering arranging home care services for yourself or a loved one? You won't regret it! Here's what to expect from your professional caregiver. read more

Sep 12 2018

What type of home care service is right for your family? Here are the pros and cons of private caregivers versus home care agencies. read more

Aug 08 2018

Age and chronic illness shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the summer months. These fun summer activities are perfect for seniors and the whole family. read more

Jul 25 2018

Are you struggling to settle on the best form of senior care for an elderly parent? Here's why home care is the best way to honor your loved one's legacy. read more

Apr 26 2018

Are your aging loved ones at risk for malnutrition or dehydration? Here are some simple steps to protect seniors from poor eating habits. read more

Nov 29 2017

Being discharged from the hospital is a positive step, but a full recovery requires more effort. Here are some tips that will help you manage follow-up appointments so that your recovery stays on track. read more

Jun 28 2017

Not all seniors are eager to accept home care. Here's how family members can help their aging loved ones see the positive side working with a professional caregiver. read more

May 24 2016

Finding the right long-term care solution can be tough. Here are some tips towards long-term care planning and how to keep a positive outlook. read more

May 19 2016

In order to provide quality care, we understand that we have to hire the best in the industry. This not only means finding candidates with proper qualifications and skills, but also making sure that we hire each person to represent our goals for compassion, understanding, and responsibility. read more

May 04 2016

We understand that their are fears associated with letting someone assist you with your personal care needs. However, we want to encourage you to let go of that fear and understand that personal care assistance is focused on your health and safety. read more

Apr 26 2016

Take advantage of home care earlier. Focus on proper care at home to stay safe and healthy longer. read more

Apr 13 2016

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of defining your age by the care you need to stay healthy and independent. Receiving help will benefit you and help you to find more time for the things you enjoy as you get older. read more

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