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Jul 10 2012

As we age, our skin changes. Among other things, skin aging is noted by thinner and more easily damaged skin. Skin disorders among seniors are extremely common and it is important to practice good read more

Jul 06 2012

Feelings of grief are a natural part of life at any age. Significant changes in the lives of elderly people such as leaving a home, retirement and the loss of family and friends can be a major source read more

Jul 02 2012

Depression is a common affliction among the elderly. More than 6 million Americans over the age of 65 are affected by late-life depression. Only around 10 percent seek treatment for depression read more

Jun 28 2012

Depression among seniors is a widespread problem that often goes unrecognized and untreated. Seniors who develop depression later in life frequently face major changes in lifestyle, changes such as read more

May 15 2012

In 2011, the Baby Boomer generation, those born in the post WWII period of 1946-1964 turned 65 years old.  CNN's Madison Park reported that despite radical advances in medical technology and read more

Apr 23 2012

We hear a lot these days about retirement planning but what happens when you actually retire? If you have the financial aspect taken care of then there's everything else to think about. Do you read more

Mar 15 2011

Too few getting recommended vaccines and screening for cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, report warns By Robert Preidt Many Americans aged 65 and older are not receiving potentially lifesaving read more

Mar 02 2011

Ten Ways to Take Care of Your Brain   During the last few decades, researchers have made huge advances in understanding the aging brain. New imaging techniques allow experts to actually observe read more

Nov 03 2010

It's Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month at Seattle Humane Society! The Seattle Humane Society is celebrating Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month throughout November! All month long, adoption fees are waived on cats 5 read more

Oct 12 2010

The biggest risk factors for falling occur in the environment. Homes that are cluttered and/or poorly lit greatly enhance the risk of falling. Here are some steps that can mitigate a senior's risk of read more

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