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Jan 15 2021

Older adults need certain accommodations in their living situation to ensure safety. Check out these ways to make your home safer for your aging parents. read more

Sep 04 2015

Few people have planned for senior living care at such a step price, and that is due to lack of knowledge of costs associated with care. This doesn't mean that you can't afford suitable senior care; it just means that it may be a bit different than you imagined. read more

Aug 11 2015

We see three main conflicts arise among family members regarding senior housing placement services including senior housing types, location, and financing.. read more

Aug 06 2015

Start paying attention to these warning signs to consider senior housing... read more

Jun 13 2014

A daughter called to arrange care for her parents who have been married for 59 years. Both her and her parents were concerned that the couples health challenges would threaten to seperate them. read more

Jul 03 2011

When a senior spouse provides day-to-day care for a mate suffering from a debilitating disease such as Parkinson's, they can quickly become exhausted and overwhelmed. This was the case with an 85 read more

Jun 06 2011

A Seattle couple was referred to Fedelta Care Solutions by a hospital social worker in response to the emergency placement of the 73-year-old husband at the hospital. He suffered from Parkinson's read more

Jun 02 2011

Recent census data indicates ranks of Washington's elder citizens are swelling, but that — thanks to boomers — the state can expect a senior-citizen tsunami for years to come. Fedelta Care Solutions read more

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