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April 26, 2016

Advantages to Starting In-Home Care Earlier

In an AARP survey of elder concerns, it was found that 46% feared declining health, 38% feared not having enough money, 13% feared losing their mental facilities, while 12% feared becoming dependent on others.*

The fear of declining health is much greater than the fear of becoming fully dependent of others, and if we take advantage of starting extra care earlier, we can manage our health and remain more independent as we continue to age.

Healthy Grandpa Needing Care

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In this discomfort we are feeling about our overall health and wellness it is important to know there are options and the ability to take an active role in our own care.  Many people don’t realize the benefits to home care, and yet there are many that can make life easier and healthier for us.

Some benefits to home care include:


At first there may be a hesitation to “comfort” due to letting someone you don’t know into your home, however a caregiver can become part of the family and a great friend to have around. One of the best benefits to receiving home care is that you can continue to live in the comfort of your own home. As we age there is this fear of having to downsize or having to move from the comfort of our own home to be safe, but with home care we can stay in the home where we have memories, safety, and security.


Remain independent as you age and as you start to need that extra assistance. If you have someone helping with daunting chores, making meals, and managing appointments you will find more free time in your day. Some extra help can relieve you of the boring things that need to be taken care of and allow you to meet with your friends, relax on the porch, or maintain your favorite hobby. Having someone assist you once or twice a week for a few hours can be freeing of your time.

Personalized Care

Receiving personalized care can be especially important after discharging from the hospital to make sure that you are healthy and safe. It is important to make sure that you have the appropriate level of care and with a home caregiver you will be sure to receive all of the attention. Whether you are discharging from the hospital or not, it is vital to understand that personalized care means that you will have a care plan created specific to your needs and health concerns, it will provide you with the support to remain safe, and it will give you a sense of peace to have someone there to help.


With home care you will have the flexibility with the care you receive, from changing the amount of days or hours you need care, to changing the type of care that is needed. If you start out only needing a few hours a week to help with housekeeping, and have a scheduled surgery needing nursing care upon discharge, you have the ability to adjust and receive the proper type of care. Here at Fedelta Home Care we are flexible to adjust your care as your needs change. We know that receiving care will only make sense if it is flexible and created with you in mind.  

One mistake that many people make is waiting until the last minute to start receiving some extra care at home. Unfortunately as we age making hospital visits for unplanned falls, or unplanned emergency situations is likely if we do not accept help, and can end up being very costly. If we start taking action and find a way to better care for ourselves we will remain safe and reduce any hospitalizations. It is never too early to start taking advantage of home care. Call one of our representatives to learn more about how we can incorporate the appropriate amount of care into your lifesytle.

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*AARP Study Advanced Care Planning - "An Act of Love"