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September 18, 2015

Alzheimer's Late-Stage Care – Eatwell Making Mealtimes Easier!


Many families are forced to watch their loved ones struggle with diseases that come with old age. They deal with the constant conflict of wanting to do what’s best, but not really knowing what the best thing is. Sha Yao, however, took matters into her own hands.

Inspired by her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, she researched, designed, and crowd funded EatWell, dishware for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The brightly colored bowls are slanted so food pools in one section, the spoons are curved to hug the side of the dish, and cups are shaped to prevent spills.

Yao took her brilliant idea to IndieGoGo, a crowd funding site, and managed to raise more than her goal amount of $100,000. Thanks to public donations (those that donated could receive perks that ranged from a big thank you to multiple sets of the products), the products are now available for everyone to purchase.

According to Yao’s website, she started the project because “For many families, meals are a time for sharing and reconnecting, and enjoying each other’s company. When the disease affects one member of a family, the mealtime experience can become stressful and challenges are created for both caregivers and their loved ones.”

Yao’s grandmother has unfortunately passed, but thanks to her this compassionate tool for helping our loved ones exists.

You can buy EatWell products and learn more about Sha Yao here: http://www.eatwellset.com/

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