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May 28, 2015

Caregiver and Client Success Story

Caregiver and Client Success Story

This picture is of a Fedelta caregiver and a client getting ready to enjoy a movie together at the theater.

Everyone who works at Fedelta would agree that the number one goal is to provide the best possible care for our clients. We each play an important part in making sure the client is satisfied with our services, from introducing our services, to providing a customized care plan, or hiring exceptional caregivers, and matching caregivers to families. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is hearing about the joy the Fedelta team and caregivers bring to families in our community. It is motivating to us to hear these fantastic heartwarming stories to keep working hard for your family. 

The picture above is of one of our clients and her caregiver enjoying a movie together.  We received this photo from our client’s family with a note of appreciation for our services. This client began 24-hour, live-in care with Fedelta in July 2013. She had been struggling with dementia and needed additional care. We realized that it would be a slow process to introduce caregivers into her home. With the dementia we wanted to be delicate with her situation. She received live-in care for about a year while she was on a waiting list for an assisted living facility that would provide memory care services.

When a spot opened in the assisted living facility and it was time for our client to move, the family decided that the caregiver made such an impact on their mom that they wanted to continue to have the caregiver assist their mom even once she moved. They informed the assisted living facility that their mom would not be moving into the facility unless they had an additional space for the Fedelta caregiver to sleep. The caregiver and client had built such a strong bond that they couldn’t imagine life without the caregiver’s help even if they didn’t need that extra care anymore. The facility accommodated the request and our client transitioned into the assisted living facility. Our client has been at this fantastic assisted living community for over a year and they have a great memory care unit with all the care she would ever need. Even though she has all the support needed to assist her with her dementia, she still continues her Fedelta caregiver support one day a week for 12 hours of care to continue seeing her Fedelta caregiver.

Fedelta wants to help take care of family, and it means a lot to our company when our caregivers become part of your family. We hope that we can continue to make this positive impact in many more families!


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