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August 23, 2017

Diabetic Monitoring Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier


For nearly 30 million people in America, diabetes is a reality of everyday life. Living with diabetes, however, does not always mean a drastic change in one’s health. Patients who are attentive to their diet, exercise and medication regimen can live full, rich and satisfying lives. If you or a loved one is living with diabetes, carefully diabetic monitoring is literally a lifesaver. Here are some easy diabetic monitoring tips that will keep you or your loved one healthy and happy.

Maintain a consistent monitoring schedule

Accurately tracking one’s blood sugar depends on establishing a consistent routine. If you check your blood sugar once a day, the finger stick should be performed soon after you wake up in the morning but before you have anything to eat or drink. Since the time spent sleeping has allowed your blood sugar to level out to whatever is natural for your body, this is the best way to track your progress.

Track your results

Even if you believe that your blood sugar is under control, it’s vital to track and review your results. You may start to notice subtle trends that will help you make healthy adjustments to your medications and the rest of your routine.

Learn how to use your diabetic monitoring equipment

If you find a blood sugar monitor, known as a glucometer, that you like, stick with it. All branded, certified glucometers will provide accurate readings when used and cared for properly, so you shouldn’t switch just because you heard good things about another monitor. After all, the best glucometer is the one that you know how to use correctly.

Take care of your equipment

It doesn’t take much to care for a glucometer. For most, only two steps are necessary: cleaning and calibration. Though you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, cleaning your glucometer likely involves gently wiping it with a clean, soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution, such as an alcohol wipe.

Calibrating your glucometer is not as complex as it sounds. Your goal is merely to test the unit to verify its accuracy. Your glucometer likely came with two small bottles of testing fluid, known as control solutions. The first bottle tests the lower range of your glucometer, and the second bottle verifies its upper range. Performing these tests as instructed will guarantee that your personal glucose checks are reliable and consistent.

Collaborate with your care provider

Before making significant changes to any part of a health care regimen, especially diabetic care and monitoring, it’s important to talk to your prescriber. There are many important factors that can be difficult to foresee, so expert insight is always helpful.

For those with complicated health needs, a home care provider can be a crucial element for success. Patients and their family who receive home care can benefit from training and practical assistance in a familiar environment. Fedelta Home Care has over two decades of experience coordinating home care for diabetics, special needs clients, the infirm and others who need special assistance. If you or a loved one in the Puget Sound area could benefit from home care, contact us today to learn more about our services.