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May 21, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Fedelta In-Home Care Services

als nursing care plan

According to a recently published report by the Institute of Aging in the United States, more than 5.5 million Americans attained the age of 85 or above in 2010. However, by 2050, more than 19 million Americans will reach the age of 85 or above, which will be a 5% increase from the previous number. This increase is attributed to the enhanced ALS nursing care plan in various nursing care management facilities in the United States.

However, this number will not be attained if ALS nursing care plan will not remain consistent in various nursing care facilities in the United States. Alzheimers home care facilities have been playing a significant role in improving the living standards of the old people around, which is a clear demonstration of their importance in the country.

Fedelta Home Care is your ultimate live-home caregiver in the United States. Our care management services are tailor-made to meet the needs of the person needing care and the entire family as well. We have been in this industry since 2004, which means that we have provided home care and ALS nursing care plan to more than 6,000 clients in the United States.

Many people in need of ALS nursing care plan find a caregiver on their own, which is a challenging affair. Hiring Fedelta Caregiver for multiple sclerosis care plans could be the remaining piece of the puzzle that would make your loved one happy and comfortable. But why do you need ALS nursing care plan from a Fedelta Caregiver?

1. Certifications

Unlike other home caregivers, we are only interested in caregivers who have the necessary certifications. This means that we have people who have been trained by various facilities and who have been awarded certificates of operating in the home care industry.

Obviously, you have heard of reports where people have hired dementia home care services from caregivers who are not certified. Cases of sexual harassment and poor quality of life have engulfed their loved ones. Hiring certified caregivers mean that you are dealing with individuals who are regulated by higher authorities.

2. Licensing

Licenses work everywhere. There is no way you can hire for ALS nursing care plans to a person who does not have the necessary licenses to operate in the home care business. Fedelta caregivers have consents that have given them legitimacy to provide alzheimers home care services, and they understand how to do it through industrial experience.

3. Background Screening and Reference Checks

We don't just hire home caregivers through a casual recruitment process. We have one of the most robust selection analyses. For you to be a Fedelta caregiver, you must attain high levels of training, technical knowledge, and demonstrate the ability to deal with clients with multiple aging problems. This explains why only 9% of the applicants become Fedelta caregivers.

Besides the strict screening process, we make sure that we conduct background checks as well. We are always interested in the historical background of our caregivers. We also ask for references from previous employment and mentors. We do this to avoid employing caregivers who are in sexual offenders list or other people with characters not deemed suitable to act as caregivers.

4. Personalized Homecare

Besides being trained and licensed, Fedelta caregivers offer personalized home care services to their clients. We understand that most of dementia affected patients would like to stay in a familiar environment with a person who understands their needs. Keeping you around the clock while at the same time ensuring that you get everything you need. We are the best in the industry in offering customized ALS nursing care plan in the United States.

Are you underestimating the likelihood that you'll need long-term care? Probably yes. Avoid that perception and seek quality home care services from professions. If you or your loved one needs around the clock disease management, Fedelta caregivers have been trained just to do that.

Fedelta serves seniors who want to live independently and happily despite the increasing health challenges. Currently, we are offering integrated in-home care services such as ALS nursing care plans, nursing care, and in-home companion care among others. Get started with Fedelta Home Care today by calling us at (206) 362-2366.