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May 27, 2021

Family Health + Family Fun = Family Wellness



With the constant stress and distractions of modern life, it’s hard to develop sustainable, long term routines that will benefit your overall wellness. And as if it weren’t difficult enough with just one—building patterns that will benefit your family health overall can seem impossible. As unfeasible as it may seem, there are little tweaks and additions you can make to your family’s routine that will boost wellness and quality of life for everyone. 

Wellness doesn’t have to be a tired concept that requires too much energy and finessing. Family health should be fun! Here are three simple ideas that will energize your family and help keep their wellness a priority.  


Make A Meal Together

There are never too many cooks in the kitchen when everyone has something special to bring to the table. Does your daughter make killer jalapeño poppers? Does your brother have a secret vinaigrette recipe? Does Dad have an unimpeachable taste in wine? Mix and match everybody’s skills and make the smorgasbord of a lifetime.

Recent research shows that family dinners are good for our spirits and dinner is the best time to connect with family and check in. “Dinner is a daily ritual that takes us away from the hubbub of everyday anxieties and can be a giant stress-reliever for kids as well as parents,” Anne K Fishel, Ph.D. says. Not only is eating a consistent dinner good for the body, but connecting with those you love over food is good for the mind. 

Boost family wellness by getting every generation involved. Cooking and enjoying a meal as a whole unit will benefit everyone—from the doting great grandparents all the way down to the youngest grandchild.


Dig Out The Old Photo Albums

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Of course, a big component of family health is mental health and one of the best ways to jog your memory and work your nostalgia muscles is to look at old photographs. In the digital age, it’s easy to forget the pleasure of dusting off an old photo album and reliving the memory of it. 

Gather up the gang and look at pictures from the past—not only does this give younger ones an opportunity to learn more about their family’s history, but it gives older adults the chance to relive parts of their past that may otherwise be forgotten. 

Looking at photo albums is bittersweet and can bring both sentimentality and belly laughs. And while you’re at it, go ahead and print off some of those photos from the iPhone or the Google Drive. At the end of the day, nothing beats the real thing—nothing says “happy home” like a basket of photo albums. 


Encourage One Another To Be Their Best Selves

One beautiful thing about family is that you are family for better or for worse. While all the kids may be at different life stages, while the grandparents may be dealing with this and that and while parents may be aging and watching routines shift, family binds us together. 

Make a point to check in with your loved ones and see how they are feeling. Is anyone feeling lousy or depressed? Is anyone having trouble eating the rainbow? Is anyone lonely or not getting enough exercise? Check in with your people and offer help, if necessary. 

Whether it’s therapy or extra caregiver help or even a companion, one of the quickest ways to boost family health is to just ask what your family needs. While these conversations may seem difficult or even scary, communication is key and everyone will be better for it. The most important elements of family health include consistent communication and support even in the toughest of times.