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May 10, 2022

Fedelta's Regulations and Certifications that Ensure Quality Caregiving


The decision to hire a home care agency isn’t one made lightly. It’s natural that you want to know that your loved one is receiving the best care possible from quality home care professionals. Whether you’re hiring someone for more involved care, like after surgery care, or need senior companion care for a lonely parent, every professional you come in contact with at Fedelta is thoroughly vetted and properly qualified. 

How do we ensure such consistency from our home care Seattle caregiving team? Fedelta offers top tier homecare through a thorough hiring process and strict adherence to regulations. Here’s a window into our hiring process, certifications, regulations and the awards we’ve received for our attention to detail. 

Who Regulates Home Care Agencies In Seattle?

Seattle’s home care agencies are regulated and certified by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Licensing requirements are rigorous and the Office of Health Systems Oversight (OHSO) “ensures that licensed in-home services agencies comply with all applicable state and federal requirements. As an added piece of mind for our families, Fedelta is well on our way to Joint Commission accreditation, so we’ll soon be accredited by both the DOH and TJC. 

What does our homecare hiring process look like?

In order to provide the best care, we think it’s important to go above and beyond the benchmarks that Washington State requires. During Fedelta’s hiring process, we perform the following:


  • Nationwide criminal background check
  • Washington State criminal background check
  • Driver and motor vehicle background check 
  • Sexual misconduct background check 
  • Elder Abuse/Neglect background check
  • Fingerprint record check 

Fedelta doesn’t just stop there. After those initial checks, we also require the following:

  • Credential and certification verifications 
  • Verification of employment history
  • Verification of citizenship status
  • First aid and CPR certification 
  • English speaking, reading, and writing fluency testing 
  • Skills competency testing 

Depending on the position they’ve applied for, potential hires also need to have obtained the proper licensing or certification for the position. Fedelta also requires a tuberculosis test and any additional certifications are always encouraged, like nurse delegation or a specialization in mental health. 

Unlike other homecare agencies, Fedelta Home Care considers an applicant’s personality traits as part of our client-caregiver matching process. An applicant’s personality traits give us a good indication of if the person we’re considering is a good fit. It helps us identify compassionate caregivers who are committed to helping others. Matching a caregiver and client based on personality is just as important to us as basing it off of the skills required to care for your loved one. This approach ultimately minimizes turnover. Overall, our hiring process is so rigorous, because we want what’s best for our clients, their families and our staff. 

How Does Fedelta Ensure Continued Quality Care From Their Caregivers?

Choosing Fedelta means that you’ve selected a company that’s providing support for your caregiver, unlike hiring a caregiver privately or independently. Our caregivers are incentivized to continue doing great work, because Fedelta provides them with more than just the basics. Our caregivers receive the following benefit and perks:

  • Premium pay
  • The ability to create their own schedules
  • Participation in one-on-one client care in an in-home environment
  • A comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance package
  • Employer matching 401(k) 
  • Coverage for dependents 
  • Access to free continuing education classes
  • Professional development scholarship programs
  • Sick and safe time in accordance with Seattle PSST laws

Caring for the people who provide care for your loved ones is our priority. 

How Has Fedelta Been Recognized For Our Contribution To The Seattle Area?

Due to our hard work and dedication, Fedelta has been recognized by the Seattle community for our contributions. The Better Business Bureau awarded Fedelta the prestigious “Western Washington Business of the Year-Large Business Customer Service Award for 2006”. Along with this award came an “A+” rating from the BBB. This award sets Fedelta apart from other homecare services, because it’s an acknowledgement that our thorough practices make a difference to the families we serve. 

When you’re researching caregiving agencies, we want there to be no doubt that Fedelta is the right agency. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we can get you set up with a free home assessment in order to find the right home care service and caregiver for your needs. 

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