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December 14, 2015

Fedelta's Top Ten Caregivers - December

Top Ten Caregivers

We wanted to recognize ten of our top caregivers and mention why they have gone above and beyond their job description. Several reasons why someone may have made the top ten list include: helping with a variety of shift types, helping take last minute shifts, have received feedback from clients that they are positive and dedicated, having exceptional communication between our care coordinators and clients. Thank you to each of you for going the extra mile in your work!

Myo Thanth/Everett – Myo is one of the most dedicated caregivers I’ve ever met! He is so knowledgeable and professional and friendly! He knows what he is doing, and he cares for one of my high profile clients, if not the biggest client in the Everett Territory. Myo has saved us many times with his outstanding care for this client, and I can’t thank him enough for his dedication and compassion for this client.

Salamawit Tesfamariam/Everett – Salamawit has the best attitude and a great sense of humor. She is always willing to help out as much as possible. Plus she’s reliable. When she says she will be there with a client, she will be there! She is great at keeping her word and her attendance.

Jennifer Sharp/Everett – Jennifer is always on top of everything. She is detail oriented and is a great communicator. She is thorough and I know she cares a lot about her main client. Unfortunately there was a bit of time where the family decided to not use Fedelta for services. However, the client’s family realized how good of care they had been receiving from Fedelta’s caregivers including Jennifer and they decided to come back to Fedelta. Jennifer loved the client so much, she was eager to come back and work with client.

Lamin Fofana/Everett – Love this guy. Lamin has the best attitude and he is such a hard worker. He is always willing to pick up work, as long as it works with his other schedule with his other agency. He can pick up and do mostly anything. He has such a positive attitude and is always a delight to talk to. I have heard so MANY good things about Lamin from previous clients. Most every client that has worked with him always wants him back! He was even featured in a client’s obituary recently! That is saying a LOT about the kind of person Lamin is. He is warm and approachable and I know he cares a great deal about each and every client he cares for.

Sandie Liwag/Federal Way – Sandie has been with Fedelta Homecare for over 4 years. She is very loyal and committed to her clients. Sandie understands the importance of continuity of care and stays long term with her clients, as well as covering for her coworkers in emergent situations to limit the number of new faces her client may see. Everything that Sandie does is in love and compassion! Fedelta Homecare appreciates her! Thank you Sandie.

Isabel Diaz/Bellevue - Isabel is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is a compassionate and attentive caregiver, and her dedication to her clients is exceptional. She always becomes a quick favorite of our clients and works hard for Fedelta.

Yvonne Dearmitt/Bellevue – Yvonne has been a great long-term caregiver and always goes the extra mile for her clients. We appreciate her dedication to Fedelta and her clients.

Carmen Moreno/Bellevue – Carmen has an outstanding work ethic and dedication with her clients and is always willing to help her client. She has been with the same client for years and has become a part of their family.

Hanna Admassie/ Northgate – Wonderful caregiver who is always eager to pick up what we might have available. She has been really good about her flexibility when it comes to last minute openings. I received a call recently from a Seattle client who just loved how wonderful she was and would take her back anytime. Great asset to our Fedelta family and we all enjoyed meeting her and her little ones at our Caregiver Holiday party.

Hirut Gebre/Northgate – We love Hirut!  She is awesome and has such a sweet personality. Hirut is known to go above and beyond with each client she takes and she is very well liked by our own CSM’s. She is organized in the job she does and she makes sure every little detail is handled before she leaves her clients.  We all loved getting to know her more at our recent Caregiver Holiday party.  

Thank you to all our caregivers for all that you do!