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November 18, 2015

Fedelta's Top Ten Caregivers - November

Top Ten Caregivers

We wanted to recognize ten of our top caregivers and mention why they have gone above and beyond their job description. Several reasons why someone may have made the top ten list include: helping with a variety of shift types, helping take last minute shifts, have received feedback from clients that they are positive and dedicated, having exceptional communication between our care coordinators and clients. Thank you to each of you for going the extra mile in your work!

Sheila Williams/Federal Way

Sheila is an amazing caregiver who goes above and beyond to physically and emotionally support her clients and their entire family. Sheila is dedicated to each and every one of clients, providing superb care.

Mary Ellis/Federal Way

Mary is a GREAT caregiver; her ability to care for clients with a wide range of different needs is over and above the norm. Mary is always willing to help fill a schedule in a pinch, and is ALWAYS invited back for her bright attitude, sharp skills, as well as her sweet personality.

Meseret Chefchife/Bellevue

Meseret has been with Fedelta for only a short time and has already proven to belong on this list of amazing caregivers! Meseret is quick to observe client needs and has shown Fedelta that she is a very caring and attentive caregiver.

Darla Henderson/Bellevue

Darla has always exemplified what it means to be a dedicated Fedelta caregiver. She goes above and beyond for her clients; continually showing initiative and passion in her work, and always for the sake of the client. She is great at what she does and is a wonderful member of Fedelta’s team.

Sylvia Shivers/Federal Way

Sylvia has been a part of the Fedelta caregiving team for over a year. She has prided herself on working long term with her clients. Sylvia is welcomed and requested with any client she has worked with. Her compassion and care for her clients shows in her work.

Kendra Heath/Federal Way

Kendra has worked long term with one client for quite some time. She is extremely dependable and very caring to her client. Kendra makes sure that her client gets to all her doctor/therapy appointments 5 days each week. Kendra spends a lot of her time with her client providing companionship.

Marsha Miller/Federal Way

Marsha is very compassionate and the work she does is very well liked. Not only is she a great caregiver, but she will always go that extra mile to help in any way possible. When one of her clients passed away she did everything she could to help the family with closure, and even attended the service. Marsha is a great caring person and is loved by all.

Lamin Fofana/Northgate

Lamin has always been really good about calling care coordination team back when we leave messages for him. Lamin has been on an ongoing client for a while now and receives constant kudos from the family. He is helps the families he works for with extra projects and miscellaneous things around the home. But first and foremost he is always does a 110% when it comes to caring for his clients. I have several clients that request Lamin and he recently helped a family go through the process of losing a loved one and they couldn’t say enough about him. Great job Lamin!

Jose Hernandez/Northgate

JL is a one of a kind Caregiver, his ability to get to know his client on a personal level is amazing. JL becomes “family” quickly to his clients, and treats them as if they are his own responsibility when their needs grow beyond what Fedelta has assessed.  JL keeps in continuous communication with the coordination team relating to his clients changing needs, and is always first to offer extra help when he sees a decline.

Asma Mbarak/Bellevue

Asma is a very talented caregiver. She is great with ongoing clients, as well as when she is filling in to help out. Our clients love her and want to keep her ongoing. Her attention to detail and commitment to her clients make her a superb caregiver.