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April 19, 2022

Fedelta's Transportation Services & Post-Discharge Care Options


When your loved one is discharged from the hospital after requiring medical attention or even surgery, it’s both a time of relief and concern. Obviously, it’s a relief to have your loved one coming home, but at the hospital they’re receiving top care for their condition. Just because they’re well enough to come home doesn’t mean they won’t require additional care. Your loved one may require a new diet, trips to the doctors for check ups, range of motion exercises, or other types of care. 

The transition from hospital to home can be difficult not just for your loved one, but also for family members who suddenly find themselves in the position of caregivers. The immediate months after hospitalization are very important. According to a 2009 national study in the New England Journal of Medicine, 20% or all Medicare patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days and 33% are readmitted within 90 days. 

That’s why Fedelta offers home care solutions to provide support during the transition from hospital to home. Utilizing senior care services reduces the risk of rehospitalization as your loved one adjusts to their new routine. Here’s a little more about the home care services that Fedelta offers and encourages after a hospital discharge. 

Senior Citizen Transportation Services

As your loved one transitions out of the hospital, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to drive themselves around. It’s also likely that getting in and out of certain vehicles may be more challenging. As a result, the responsibility of travel may fall to a family member who isn’t always available to take them to and from necessary doctor's appointments during the day. Even coming home from the hospital might be difficult if your loved one is in a wheelchair and you don’t own a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. All of these are reasons why Fedelta offers senior citizen transportation services for your loved one’s safety and convenience. 

From doctor's appointments to grocery store outings, Fedelta’s at-home caregivers can watch after your loved one even on the road. All of our caregivers go through a rigorous hiring process, which is considered the most demanding in the industry. We care very deeply about the safety of your loved one, which is why we screen our employees so thoroughly before hiring. Rest assured, your loved one is in good hands while they’re at home and in transit. 

Once your loved one is feeling a little better, having a senior shuttle service readily available allows your loved one to attend enrichment programs and other social events, which help to combat loneliness and depression. Utilizing a driving service post-discharge also gives your senior autonomy, which is very important if mobility is challenging. 

Medication Pick-Up

Again, transportation can be challenging after a hospital discharge, so Fedelta offers medication pick-up from your pharmacy. It’s important for your loved one to take medication as prescribed for their health maintenance. It’s not necessarily something that can wait until you get off of work. Fedelta makes it easy by picking up their prescriptions for you. This takes one more important task off of your plate, so that you can provide the emotional support your loved one needs to get better quickly. 

Other Post-Discharge Services

Transportation and medication pick-up are only two aspects of Fedelta’s post-discharge services. We also offer: 

  • A thorough review of discharge plans, so you know what to expect and how we can help.
  • Reminders about the new medication. 
  • Safety observation and will report any changes in condition. 
  • Meal preparation for new or special diets and hydration reminders and assistance. 
  • Stand-by walking assistance. 
  • Bathing, dressing, grooming assistance. 
  • Range of motion exercises.
  • Laundry and light housekeeping services. 
  • Mail retrieval. 
  • Communication with your family and the care manager. 
  • 4-hour to 24-hour care services
  • Follow-up with a physician. 
  • Comprehensive client assessment and participation in hospital discharge planning. 
  • Development and implementation of a client-centered care plan and goal setting. 
  • Assistance with medication and behavioral management. 
  • Scheduled care calls.
  • Scheduled home visits. 
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with family members and other care providers.
  • Caregiver supervision and support. 
  • A home safety assessment and subsequent modification.
  • Senior Housing Options if needed. 

Fedelta is here to help you make your loved one’s transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible. By relieving stress and providing support, our goal is to minimize complications and help you keep your loved one at home. 

Are you ready to take the first step towards exploring home care options for a loved one? Contact a representative today.