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November 16, 2015

Gift-Giving Guide for your Elderly Parents

Fedelta's Gift Giving Guide

Gift-Giving Guide for your Elderly Parents

Giving gifts is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. But choosing the perfect present for the senior in your life can sometime pose a challenge, particularly if a medical condition confines them to spending much of their time at home. Here is our gift-giving guide for the elderly loved one in your life:

Lap Desk with Book Holder  

For those who have to spend a good part of the day in bed, a lap desk with a book holder makes it easy to write, surf the Internet, or read a good book. It also provides easy access to things like water, books and magazines, or the television remote that you can store in the holder.

A CD or preloaded iPod with their favorite music

Music has the power to stimulate emotions, enhance one’s mood and soothe. Giving your loved one a CD or iPod with their favorite tunes is a perfect gift.

Framed pictures of special memories

Find a photo of your with the loved one when you were celebrating a wedding or birthday, or when you were vacationing together. This will serve as a constant reminder to them that they are special to you. It will also provide a constant mood boost.

Time with a professional home care companion

A professional home caregiver may be the perfect gift for someone who’s lonely. At Fedelta, our companions offer friendly conversation, someone to play board games with, pet care and can even provide light housekeeping and laundry.

Board games

If you visit your loved one regularly, board games can be a great way to spend time together. They also help engage your loved one’s mind, which may help keep their brain healthy and active.


A warm cardigan sweater, a hand-knit blanket, a sweat suit or some non-skid slippers will provide comfort, while making your loved feel stylish as well! Remember that the best choices should be comfortable, loose fitting, and easy to put on, with no difficult fastenings.

Homemade Treats

Be sure and check with your loved one’s doctor, but, if allowed, homemade cookies, candies and cakes can make the holidays special, particularly if it’s something that’s part of a family tradition.

Grandkids’ arts and crafts

A mug made from clay, a crayon picture or even a poem from a grandchild is always a sweet idea. Not only do they provide a constant reminder that someone loves them, it provides a good conversation starter with friends that visit.

Phone cards

If most of the time spent with your loved one is over the phone, get them a prepaid phone card, so they can call you whenever they like. This lets them know your connection with them is important and provides some peace of mind that they can always reach you.

Remember, the best gift, of course, is a visit from you. Enjoy the season! 

Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2015, IlluminAge