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June 28, 2017

Helping Seniors to Accept Home Care


No matter how much love there is in a family, it’s impossible to get everyone to agree all the time. Since few moments in life are as vital as deciding how to care for aging parents, it’s no surprise that these decisions can be difficult. When the primary caregivers in the family believe that supplementary home care is needed, the parent might not necessarily agree. However, it’s important that seniors be happy with the care they are given; they deserve the right to be heard. When extra help is needed, how can family members help aging parents to accept home care?

Be understanding

There is no one-size-fits-all reason that causes seniors to refuse home care. Some seniors are afraid of losing their independence and are not eager to take steps in that direction. Some aging parents are concerned about the cost of home care, while others may even worry that accepting home care will lead to them spending less time with their family. Reaching a mutually acceptable decision is impossible without understanding each other’s thought process. Once an understanding is reached, it will be easier to address concerns and alleviate any fears.

Promise to start small

Most seniors prefer to live independently at home for as long as possible. Since independence is valued so highly, it’s important to remember that accepting home care is not the same as – nor is it necessarily a step towards – living in a nursing home. Home care can be offered full-time, just a few hours a week, or anywhere in between. Seniors should be reminded that receiving home care can remove a heavy burden from the family while still allowing life to proceed as before.

Stay positive

When talking about such a stressful topic, it’s too easy to start focusing on the negative side of things. For example, caregivers might start to talk about the strain of caregiving and its negative side effects. Such conversations can be upsetting; they could even cause conflict. Instead, make sure that the conversation orbits around the positive outcomes that can be had from home care. A negative focus could lead the patient to feel like a burden to their family. In contrast, staying positive will help everybody to view home care as an enjoyable, refreshing change.

Fedelta Home Care would like to help you and your loved ones make a smooth, enjoyable transition into receiving home care. Whether you’re looking for just a few hours of help per week or full-time assistance, we can provide the care and companionship that your aging loved ones deserve. Our caregivers provide service throughout the Puget Sound area and are eager to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.