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September 04, 2015

How to Afford Senior Living Homes

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Seniors and their families are often shocked when they learn the cost of senior living homes. Few people have planned for senior living care at such a step price, and that is due to lack of knowledge of costs associated with care. This doesn’t mean that you can’t afford suitable senior care; it just means that it may be a bit different than you imagined.

There are several ways to adjust to the financial impact of senior living and figure out the best plan of action for senior care.

Here are a few steps you can take to afford the cost of senior living homes:

Step 1: Meet with an Senior Care Advisor

One of the most beneficial steps you can take in your senior living search is contacting a senior care advisor. They can take the stress out of the situation for you and ease your mind in finding the best solution. Senior care advisors are interested in your situation and will help take into consideration the financial burden that this may be creating. They will be contacting their top options to find out room availability, and discussing any concerns or requests you may have in a facility. They will tour the facility with you and help you find a great fit. Fedelta’s senior care advisors are focused on you and finding the best solution for you.

Step 2: Discuss Price Flexibility

Some senior living communities might be able to offer better pricing if you ask about different move-in incentives. It might help ease the burden of cost if you can have a moving allowance, waiving some sort of fee associated with the facility or receiving a discounted price for the first few months.  Some facilities are willing to negotiate some of their fees if you can move-in quickly.

Step 3: Expand your Search Radius

Choosing a senior living community in the perfect location may be just as important as the quality and cleanliness of the facility. If a family wants to visit their parent(s) frequently it may be ideal to find a facility within a decent driving range. The senior moving in may also want to find a facility near where they have lived their whole life. They want to be somewhere familiar and close to friends that they have made in the area. However, sometimes families have to adjust expectations for where the senior home is located. Broaden the search radius and you may find an amazing home, for a great price in the city next to your ideal location.

Step 4: Research Insurance

Be sure to check to see if any costs can be covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Keep in mind that even these insurances may not pay the full cost associated with senior care. It may also benefit you to look into long-term care insurance plans. Look into the amount of coverage available to you, the benefits, limitations, and exclusions. This may help you afford a senior home long-term and take the burden off of the hefty costs. If you are a veteran there are also benefits available to you or your spouse through the Department of Veteran Affairs to offset the cost.

Step 5: Find a facility with non-private rooms available

Another cost saving option may be to explore communities that have non-private rooms. It may be fun for your loved one to share a room with someone. They might benefit from the companionship of another person. Some seniors end up really enjoying a roommate so they can quickly meet other people in the community and have someone there in case they fall or need help. This may help lower the cost of a senior living home.

We strongly recommend talking to one of our Care Solution Advisors who have helped families in the community find a great long-term senior living community:

If you are interested in speaking with Robyn or Cathy to assist you in your senior housing search please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours from your request.


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