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July 2015 Fedelta ENewsletter | Fedelta Home Care, Seattle WA

July 01, 2015

July 2015 Fedelta ENewsletter

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4th of July

July 2015

Dear Friend,

picture-steveIn July, we celebrate independence, and although the Fourth of July is uniquely an American holiday, people from around the globe celebrate and appreciate the freedom to live their lives in a way that enhances their ability to live well. For many seniors, independence can feel like a valued treasure that's slipping away. Physical limitations and health conditions create the need for assistance and make many feel overly dependent on others. In this edition of the Fedelta newsletter, we’ll explore ways that seniors can retain as much independence as possible as they age. We'll also take a look at how to keep cool and safe in what promises to be a hot summer ahead. Happy Independence Day!


How to Retain Independence as We Age


One of the biggest fears people say they have about growing older is losing their independence, either due to illness, physical limitations, or simply an aging body that doesn’t perform as well as it used to. Freedom to live our lives the way we choose is part of the American dream. To ensure that we're able to continue living our lives how we choose as we age, it helps to start planning early! If you haven't started a Healthy Aging Plan yet, make today your starting point. Here are some tips to ensure you're able to stay independent as you age.

Living Options for Seniors


As baby boomers continue to grow older, more and more families will be faced with the realities of aging, which may mean dealing with one's own challenges, or taking care of a parent or loved one that may need additional assistance with activities of daily living. One of the most important choices is often finding a place where one can live safely and comfortably with as much independence and dignity as possible. Read more to learn about the numerous options available to today’s seniors.

How to Pay for Senior Living


Seniors have greater options than ever before in how they choose to spend their golden years. Whatever living option you determine is right for you, it's nice to know that you may have some opportunities to help finance your choice. Read more to learn how to pay for senior living.

How to Stay Cool During Summer's Heat


Forecasts for this summer in Seattle say it's going to be one of the hottest and driest we've had in years. This raises some concern for seniors. According the National Weather Service, heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related death in the United States and seniors are at particular risk as their sensitivity to temperature changes may have diminished over the years and their bodies may regulate body temperature less efficiently. Read more to discoversome tips to stay healthy during summer's heat.            

How Fedelta Can Help
To help seniors face the challenges of aging, our in-home caregivers can provide the assistance that allows seniors to stay in their home – whether it's helping them with dressing and bathing or providing round-the-clock nursing care. If you’re not sure what care and living options may be the best for you, our Care Managers can provide an assessment of medical, financial and legal needs and provide trusted referrals to professionals. We also offer a free referral service to help people locate the perfect senior living option.
Featured Program

Care Management
Our Care Management program provides support, guidance and advocacy for older adults and their families. Our RN Care Managers help seniors and their families develop a comprehensive care plan which includes the medical, financial and legal issues associated with aging. They can provide an assessment of needs, set goals, review and manage medications, and provide referrals to medical, legal and financial professionals. They can accompany seniors on appointments and act as a liaison between the senior and their families and caregivers. They can also provide assistance to people with special needs, including memory loss, disabilities and debilitating medical conditions.

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Helpful Resources

The City of Seattle's Human Services Department has numerous programs that promote healthy aging. 

The National Institute on Aging is a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services and is a great resource for aging information. 

The National Weather Service has lots of tips and information on how to stay cool during summer’s heat..

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Fedelta Feedback

"I was referred to Fedelta because I was concerned about my parents' safety. After Fedelta's thorough assessment of their needs, my parents realized they would benefit from living in a retirement community with prepared meals and organized social activities. In the meantime, Fedelta arranged for temporary home care services so my mom and dad were safe at home until we found just the right community. My parents really like their new place — especially the food and the social aspects. In just a short time, they've formed relationships with many of the residents and staff. This community is the right place for them! I couldn't have pulled this off without Sara's help, especially in the short timeframe we had. You made a difficult process much easier with your diligent attention and caring spirit."

– Child of Ann and Ron

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