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March 11, 2020

Measures to Ensure Safe Home Care During the Spread of COVID-19

We know that you’re concerned about the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as how it may affect all of us in the Fedelta Home Care family.

We feel strongly that the best place for you or your loved one right now is at home, and we feel fortunate to be able to provide the vital personalized care that allows for minimizing exposure to this virus. Our main priority is the safety and well-being of everyone in our community (clients, caregivers, administrative staff, and support networks).

We've worked diligently to perfect our pandemic response and are operating in an environment of optimum crisis management. We will do everything possible to protect our community from this virus.

As new cases are identified in our communities, we will adjust our protocols as needed. We strive to maintain the health and safety of our clients and employees through communication, symptom surveillance, and infection prevention. Our response plan is based on the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Washington State Department of Health, and Public Health - Seattle and King County. We will adjust our plan according to these recommendations.

  • We believe that home remains the safest place for you or your loved one, as indications show that the virus is spread more quickly in facilities and larger group or public settings. Possible exposure will remain the lowest for those who are able to stay in their homes with limited outside contact. For this reason, we feel fortunate to be able to provide care that can keep people at home with limited exposure in group settings, through personalized care and support.
  • As standard practice, we have an emergency preparedness plan in place. We will continue to follow it as this situation evolves and update it accordingly.
  • All caregivers follow established protocol regarding staying home when sick. This practice is not new to our staff.
  • Communication with caregivers is ongoing, to assess any known risk factors such as travel to areas with widespread outbreaks or local contact in areas known to have reported cases. They do not report to work if they are deemed high-risk.
  • For our clients who reside in facilities or other group-type living situations, we will work closely with the facility on any protocols, exchange of information, or other guidelines as necessary.
  • Many of our clients are especially at risk, given that they are older adults or have underlying health issues. We are vigilant about our commitment to help protect these individuals from illness, be it the flu, COVID-19, or any other communicable disease. These measures are not new to us as we seek to regularly minimize risk for our clients, regardless of an outbreak such as this new coronavirus.

This situation is rapidly evolving, and Fedelta Home Care’s leadership is keeping in close touch with national health organizations and equipment suppliers. Through this unsettling time, we will continue to provide the highest level of care that families have come to rely on.

Measures to ensure safe home care amidst the COVID-19 outbreak