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December 09, 2014

Our Downloadable Care Booklets Are Available Now!

Caring for loved ones who are suffering from Parkinson´s, Alzheimer´s, and other chronic diseases requires constant attention and assessment. Whether you have entrusted the care of your loved ones to a qualified professional or decided to take on this difficult task yourself, it is important to have a comprehensive vision of the problem and keep up-to-date with the latest treatments and care protocols.

Fedelta Care Solutions has worked with a team of reputable experts and researchers to develop a series of Caregiver´s Checklists, which present a detailed protocol for keeping Alzheimer's Disease, Diabetes, and other chronic diseases in check, assessing progress, controlling vital signs, stimulating brain and motor functions, encouraging social contacts, and maintaining a beneficial diet.

ChecklistCaregiver Checklists Overview

Each one of the downloadable brochures begins with a general description of the condition. So far, we have developed five checklists: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Chronic Disease, Heart Disease, and Diabetes. After this initial descriptive section, the documents go on to present the four key aspects of caregiving.

Checklist Sections
1. Physical (checking vital signs, medication management, nutrition, exercise, skin care)
2. Environmental (risk assessments, home modifications, mobility, stress triggers, housekeeping, family support)
3. Purpose & Independence (education, self-management, preservation of legacy, depression, transportation, personal history documentation, mental stimulation)
4. Social Enrichment (encouraging social enrichment, removing potential barriers, preventing isolation, reducing risk of depression)

The brochures offer protocols, ideas, and important concepts that will help you foster improvements in each of these key areas.

How Can Checklists Help?
Home care plans often focus only on the patient´s medical needs. Our professionally-designed documents offer a more comprehensive perspective of caregiving and considering the person as a whole, focusing on the patient´s physical, environmental, and social needs.

By fostering well-being and preventing associated risks such as falls and degenerative processes, proper care based on these checklists can reduce hospital visits and relapses while also improving social integration, fostering a feeling of belonging, and ultimately a sense of the family´s love and appreciation. Experts have designed the brochures with total wellness in mind, rather than the mere micro-management of specific ailments associated with each condition.

Alzheimer's Disease
A diagnosis of dementia propels unprepared families into a journey of unknowns. Symptoms associated with Alzheimer´s can vary greatly, often affecting moods and personality and thus making the psychological aspect of caregiving especially challenging. The inability to complete common everyday tasks, difficulty with speech, and other communication-related problems are all part of the advanced stages of Alzheimer´s. In this context, having a solid checklist at hand to track and organize the caregiver´s tasks becomes an absolute necessity.

Chronic Disease
Statistics show that roughly one out of every two American adults live with at least one chronic disease. By definition, a chronic disease develops over a long period of time and can´t be completely cured. In America, this type of condition is the number one cause of disability and death. This umbrella category includes severe allergies, asthma, breast cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, and obesity, among others. Chronic diseases are among the most costly health problems, but most of them can be effectively controlled with the help of an efficient action plan.

Diabetes is an extremely prevalent chronic disease in our modern world. It is defined by the presence of high levels of glucose in the blood. According to the American Diabetes Association, about 25.8 million Americans are living with diabetes. Diabetes is often self-managed, which makes the need for a carefully designed management tool such as a comprehensive checklist, essential. The problem with self-management is that diabetes can have severe complications over time, especially when people fail to keep a strict diet and treatment plan. In the case of elderly patients, poorly regulated glucose levels can even lead to cognitive problems. In short, diabetes can be dangerous because it seems like an easy disease to manage, but it often is not.

Heart Disease
In America, heart disease is the number one cause of death, killing one person every 39 seconds. The mechanics of heart disease involves blocked blood vessels which complicate heart function, leading to heart attack, chest pain, or stroke. Depression, a diet rich in bad cholesterol, high stress levels, and misinformation can make life with heart disease quite difficult. On the other hand, the excellent prognosis for patients who keep a healthy lifestyle can make efficiency in caring for loved ones with heart disease extremely rewarding.

Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson’s disease is the second most common degenerative disorder after Alzheimer´s.  In the US, 1.5% of the population over the age of 65 is estimated to be living with Parkinson´s today. The worldwide prevalence of this condition is expected to double for people over 50 by 2030. Through the slow destruction of dopamine-producing cells in the brain, Parkinson´s has the effect of greatly impairing normal muscle function. In this scenario, patients can lose the ability to perform the simplest everyday tasks. However, with the help of a holistic care plan based on the latest research, Parkinson´s patients can have a greatly improved quality of life.

Download our Caregiver Checklists to ensure the best possible day-to-day prevention and care for your loved ones suffering from these challenging conditions. Click the links below to download the brochures free of charge by simply entering your name email address. Print them out, fill in your details at the bottom, and keep them handy so that every person involved in caregiving can easily access them.
Parkinson´s Caregiver´s Checklist
Alzheimer´s Caregiver´s Checklist
Chronic Disease Caregiver´s Checklis
Heart Disease Caregiver´s Checklist
Diabetes Caregiver´s Checklist

By focusing on these four areas (physical, social, environmental, and independence), both loved ones and professional caregivers can really make a difference for patients, improving their physical and psychological well-being, as well as their sense of self-worth and their perception of their personal contribution to the family and society as a whole.


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