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June 12, 2014

Quitting Smoking Added 25 Years to My Dad's Life

I Was Only 8 Years Old

My dad would run, actually, race up the stairs to the kithchen. I suppose it was for fitness and to see how fast he could master them, or maybe it was an eagerness to start and seize the day. One morning, I was anxiously waiting for my Dad to get upstairs. Usually he would tackle two stairs at a time, but today as he climbed the stairs, he started coughing profusely, which frightened the then, 8 year old me.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Are you sick!?"

It seemed as if it took my Dad forever to catch his breath.  Once he did, he said, "It's those darn cigarettes. I'm coughing from smoking."

My eyes were wide with fear and worry, I was concerned for my dad's health, afterall, he had been a smoker for many years.

"What am I doing?" he mused out loud. I need to be here for my children!

From that moment on the stairs, my Dad never smoked another cigarette. There was never a need to nag, or give a health lecture or scare tactic;- for him, this was a moment that changed him in an instant. My dad began jogging and swimming and was a model of physical fitness from then on. He even picked up active hobbies like skiiing and then golfing, which ended up being his favorite sport. Quitting smoking was one of the best things he ever did for his health. His Doctor even told him that quitting smoking, added at least 25 years to his life.

As stoic and brave as my dad could be, he was motivated to be around for us kids and so he made sure that he had routine checkups. These checkups helped him control his high blood pressure and even nip a suspicious skin mole in the bud before turning cancerous. My dad made sure to educate himself and to be in tune with his health and overall well-being.

An Appeal to Men to Schedule Annual Health Screens

Too much of the time, people, especially men ignore their infirmities and forget to do schedule their annual health screens. Routine checkups and monitoring the intake of substances, such as quitting cigarettes does increase the value and longgevity of your life.

I propose the question to Dad's everywhere, revisiting the conclusion that my dad had on the stairs; Are you pleased with the example you are showing your children and grandchildren in caring for your health today and every day?


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