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June 13, 2011

Seattle Elderly Home Care in Queen Ann

When you are live alone and are elderly, simple tasks such as moving around, driving to the nearest market for grocery shopping or turning up for a routine doctor's appointment can be quite difficult. This is what happened to an elderly resident of Queen Ann, Seattle. Due to poor vision, this elderly resident from Seattle was unable to drive. A walker was her only companion. As a result she could not get her hair done or do her weekly grocery shopping. In addition, it was becoming extremely difficult for her to keep her doctor's appointment, making her situation even worse. She needed expert elderly home care. Luckily, her son had heard of Fedelta Care Solutions.

Fedelta Care Solutions is a well-known name in the domain of elderly healthcare in Seattle. We take pride in providing top of the line in-home care services for the elderly. With our expertise in senior home care and other essential services for the elderly, you can be rest assured of receiving the best senior in-home care services in Queen Ann or any other area in Seattle. We can take care of all of your needs 24/7.

Once, Fedelta Care Solutions assessed the situation of this elderly citizen from Seattle, we were able to provide a well-trained companion to her. The "companion" would come three times a week for four hours, each day, to help the elderly resident with her shopping and take care of all the things she was used to doing before.

This Queen Ann resident is happy to be able to carry on with her routine as before. She is also glad to have companionship. At Fedelta Care Solutions, we are happy we could help. We know she will spread the word about our services and our commitment to our clients to others!