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June 13, 2018

Short-Term Versus Long-Term Home Care - Which Is Right for Your Family?

Fedelta Home Care

Throughout our lifespan, long-term medical planning sometimes takes a backseat to other needs. When sudden changes occur, however (perhaps due to injury or unexpected illness), more urgent planning can be needed. Are you or a loved one in need of home care or other medical assistance? Fortunately, there are customizable solutions that fit every family’s needs. Here’s how you can decide between short-term, long-term, and other home care plans.

Short-term home care – When rehabilitation is your goal

When coping with unexpected illness or injury, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Regardless, almost all such cases have excellent chances for rehabilitation. When the short-term workload becomes too heavy or complex for your family to bear alone, however, there are readily-available options that will ease the load.

· Hospital to home care

Even for relatively minor illnesses or surgeries, there will always be a recovery period before one regains their full health. During these transitional periods, the guidance of a trained professional can be invaluable. Hospital to home services involves short-term assistance that focuses on helping patients and their families adapt during their first few days at home.

· Part-time home care

Bridging the gap between short-term and long-term care, part-time caregivers provide assistance to those whose needs are relatively uncomplicated. In just a few hours per week, your caregiver can provide anything from help with chores, transportation to appointments or other events, and even nursing care. No matter what your unique needs might be, there is a part-time solution that fits your lifestyle.

Long-term home care options

For chronic illness, there may not a short-term solution in sight. Regardless, those with chronic disease can live rich, fulfilling lives with the proper assistance. Could the following resources be practical for you?

· Disease management

Since every illness presents unique challenges, a specialized plan of care is needed in each case. The goal of our disease management programs is to help each family meet their needs without delay or unnecessary complications. From wellness education to coordinating with specialists, from medication management to long-term planning, disease management consultation guarantees that you will have the resources that you need no matter what.

· Live-in caregivers

For those with chronic illness who are limited physically, live-in caregivers can provide professional, 24/7 assistance and peace of mind to the entire family. In fact, you can even gradually adjust the amount of assistance that your family receives, ensuring a smooth transition that does not overshoot your needs or budget. Such full-time care is the perfect match for patients with complex needs and schedules.

Are you looking for home care options?

At Fedelta Home Care, we understand that your unique situation should dictate the care that you choose. Our primary goal is meeting your home care needs in a way that puts you and your loved ones’ health and well-being in first place. To learn more about our flexible and comprehensive home care plans, contact us today.