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May 23, 2018

Strength Training and Other Extremely Beneficial Exercises for Seniors


No matter how good your health may be, there are some aspects of aging that are inevitable. In particular, the loss of energy and other physical changes may make it difficult – or even dangerous – to participate in the same exercises and sports that you used to. Regardless, there are some satisfying and extremely beneficial exercises that can keep you healthy and energetic well into your senior years.

Why do seniors need different exercises

The most important concern for seniors developing an exercise plan is safety. Heart disease, which is increasingly common in seniors, could rule out some high-intensity activities for some patients. In addition, age related changes in bone density mean that injuries that might be shrugged off by a younger person are serious for seniors.

What does this mean for you? Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a sedentary lifestyle. The following activities are within reach for people of all ages and abilities.

Safe and effective exercises for seniors

Body weight exercises

The benefit of body weight exercises is that they are infinitely adjustable to your strength levels. Take push-ups as an example. Though you may not be able to do many push-ups from a traditional position, simply raising your hand placement – by putting them on a chair, table or even a wall – will allow you to perform the same exercise at a difficulty level that fits your body. In addition, body weight exercises can be done anywhere and require little to no equipment.

Strength training

Of course, if you want to make your exercise a social occasion, at-home exercises won’t cut it. Though strength training can be done on equipment that you have at home (or with no equipment at all) joining a gym will allow you to interact with like-minded individuals in a friendly environment. Since most gyms have classes specifically for seniors and for people of all ability levels, you are certain to find a group that suits you.


Most experts point to swimming as the ideal physical exercise for seniors. Since falls and overexertion are more worrisome among older adults, high-impact exercise may be too dangerous for some. In contrast, swimming allows you to stretch your limbs and work your muscles with very little chance of injury.

Walking, jogging and running

If you love fresh air and are up for a challenge, jogging will give your heart, lungs and muscles a great boost. Since you set your own pace and can rest at any time, this is an amazing way to stay active. Though higher-impact than swimming, the extra stress will push your bones to grow stronger, potentially protecting you from future injuries.

No matter what your current level may be, Fedelta Home Care can help you craft a great exercise program that will help you lead the best life possible. Our home care professionals specialize in helping older adults and others maintain their independence while leading enriching lives. To learn more about our flexible and cost-effective services, contact us today.