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October 15, 2015

The Importance of Each and Every Caregiver

Fedelta is proud to employ so many quality caregivers. We probably don’t say it enough, but “Thank You” for all of your hard work. We get so busy with the daily grind, and each and every one of you are not in the office every day so it gets hard to remember to recognize the extra hours and shifts you pick up, or the way you go above and beyond for the clients. We understand that you are having face-to-face contact with our clients and you are the reason why clients are so happy with our services.

We hope that we can start to provide you with more company updates, more employee recognition, and provide you with resources available to you. One of the things that you will see in our monthly caregiver newsletter is a caregiver “top 10” list. These will be caregivers we want to recognize that month for various reasons including picking up extra shifts, being responsible and clocking-in and out each shift, dressing appropriately on the job, and finding ways to show extra care to our clients.

Did you know that several of our clients have sent us letters in the mail raving about your caregiving? We LOVE to see these messages and we want you to know that our clients appreciate that you are caring for them as if they were part of your family. Even if you were simply just doing your job by being with the client, playing cards, or making them a meal, your positive energy is impacting their lives and we are grateful for your time with them. When they are pleased with your care, we are affirmed that Fedelta is here to take care of family, just as if it was our own.

Thank you for your hard work, working night shifts, assisting the elderly in their daily routine. We want this newsletter to be something you count on each month and be something you look forward to receiving. If there is some information we can provide you, or something you would like to see please let us know. We want to show our appreciation to you and help you feel like you are part of the Fedelta family. 


Steve Meyer

Founder & CEO