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Top 10 Caregiver March 2016 | Fedelta Home Care, Seattle WA

March 25, 2016

Top 10 Caregiver March 2016

We appreciate your hard work, your dedication, and full attention to each client’s needs. There are several reasons why we may have selected you as one of our top caregivers this month including, your positive attitude, your commitment to providing the best care, and your relationships building with your clients. Check below to see if you have been chosen as one of March’s top caregivers!

Kendra Heath- Kendra has commitment like no other! She has been amazing taking all new different clients this week to help out! I see great things coming in Kendra’s future at Fedelta.

Rodi- We are excited to have Rodi as one of the caregivers of the month and she just started with Fedelta not too long ago! We appreciate all the hard work she is putting in and the attention to detail with her care. Rodi received a letter in the mail this month from the client with praises of how she has been helping out with the client’s demeanor and attitude and making life more positive for the client. Rodi has shown flexibility in her schedule and is booked solid with shifts. We are appreciative of her care.

Elaine Lucas – Elaine is very reliable at her job. She is great with her clients and is someone that we appreciate having on our team. Her bright and bubbly personality shines through her work and brightens those around her. Thank you for all your hard work!

Kristina Williams - Kristina is a fantastic combination of professional and compassionate with her clients. Her clients love her hard work and fun personality and ask for her back again and again. Great things coming from Kristina now and in the future!

Mary Wachira - Mary is very punctual, which is incredibly important to both the client and those of us here at the office. We don’t have to worry about Mary being late to any of her shifts. She is always a team player ready to help out when we need it most. She truly is a trooper!

Ashley McDaniel – Ashley is newer to Fedelta’s team and we were impressed with her willingness to take on a big case we had right off the bat! It was her first client and we have received nothing but praises from the client. Outstanding job Ashley!

Jennifer Sharp – Jennifer has fantastic customer service, which we appreciate seeing in her work. She is very thorough in everything she does. Jennifer also always makes sure her clients are well taken care of! Thank you for putting forth your best effort with your clients as well as your job – we notice!

Peter Wanjiku – Peter received a fantastic praise from one of our clients - “Peter was absolutely awesome. He was caring, compassionate, and simply amazing. He helped us through a hard time the night of my husband’s passing and was a great comfort and joy to our family. Thank you for the excellent care you gave us.” Peter exemplified what our goal is here at Fedelta Home Care. We appreciate that you walked along side this family in a time of need and thank you for your care and support.

Julissa Castro – Julissa is such an amazing caregiver! We can’t say enough great things about her. She really stepped up to the plate with a client when we really needed her recently, so thank you for gong out of your way to help out.

Maria Flyingcloud - Maria has been with Fedelta for a short time, however she has taken on a lot of work already! We appreciate her willingness to step in and help out clients and work hard. Her clients all love her so much!