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Top 10 Caregivers February 2016 | Fedelta Home Care, Seattle WA

February 11, 2016

Top 10 Caregivers February 2016

We appreciate your hard work, your dedication, and full attention to each client’s needs. There are several reasons why we may have selected you as one of our top caregivers this month including, your positive attitude, your commitment to providing the best care, and your relationships building with your clients. Check below to see if you have been chosen as one of February’s top caregivers!

Amanda Harper – Amanda has been a great asset for Fedelta. She is highly knowledgeable with a positive personality that clients are raving about. She is in school, but has been willing to help whenever she is able.

Tiffany Miller - Tiffany is fairly new to Fedelta, but in the short time she has been with us, we have already heard such wonderful things from her clients, and she is quickly becoming a favorite among them.  In fact three of the clients she currently works with have expressed how much they absolutely LOVE Tiffany. And with Tiffany’s caring, compassionate, and positive attitude, she makes a great addition to the Fedelta family.

Jennifer Sharp - Once again Jennifer has been nominated as one of our top ten caregivers. That’s because Jennifer continues to provide excellent care and she knows what teamwork is all about. She is a great communicator, very personable and detail oriented. And Jennifer is always willing to help whenever her schedule allows.

Rodica Kis - Rodi is a brand new caregiver, but she has already made a big difference for Fedelta. When Bellevue was flooded with short shifts, Rodi was ready and willing to take as many as she was able and work hard for us. Clients have had only positive feedback about her.

Hasina Dickinson - Hasina has been very helpful in picking up shifts when she can. She has a great personality and clients find her very sweet and comforting.

Yvonne Dearmitt - Yvonne goes above and beyond for our clients. She has been great with everyone she has worked with for Fedelta, and everyone that has had her wants her back as much as possible.

Sergei Shustov – Sergei has always provided exceptional care for our clients. He is kind and very thorough in his work. Sergei is a great employee and is willing to help almost wherever and whenever he is able.

Sally Beauchamp – Sally is a newer caregiver, but she has already made a very big impression at Fedelta. She is getting excellent reviews and asked to return to all clients she has visited.

Peter Wanjiku – Peter has been ready and willing to work whenever he is able to help our clients in need. He is a great caregiver and a great member of the Fedelta team.

Teresa Springstead – Teresa has a very giving heart and is dedicated to all her clients. She loves what she does for Fedelta and has always made sure she represents us in the most professional manner. Teresa goes above and beyond to do a wonderful job for all her clients. She won’t hesitate to call me to pick up extra work and help out in any way she can.  Teresa is so awesome we love working with her and appreciate all her hard work!