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Top Ten Caregivers | Fedelta Home Care, Seattle WA

October 15, 2015

Top Ten Caregivers

Top Ten Caregivers

We wanted to recognize ten of our top caregivers and mention why they have gone above and beyond their job description. Several reasons why someone may have made the top ten list include: helping with a variety of shift types, helping take last minute shifts, have received feedback from clients that they are positive and dedicated, having exceptional communication between our care coordinators and clients. Thank you to each of you for going the extra mile in your work!

Mary Ellis / Federal Way

Mary is a GREAT caregiver, her dedication to Fedelta clients is beyond reproach. Mary is always willing to help fill a schedule in a pinch, and is ALWAYS invited back for her bright attitude, sharp skills, as well as her sweet personality.

Marc Grubb / Federal Way

Marc is continuously offering his help in filling shifts in any area. Marc lives in a remote area, but is often willing to drive to Seattle, Bellevue and even the north end clients just to be helpful. Marc is ALWAYS well liked by his clients and often invited back for more shifts.

Karen Seay / Northgate

Karen is a long time Fedelta employee, who is willing to help fill a variety of shift types. She is well known throughout the care coordination team as a "go to" in a pinch, and very rarely says no, if she has the time to help. Karen is always bright and cheery, and is loved by the clients she works with.

Andrea Yustino / Bellevue

Andrea is generally the first caregiver to call in for shifts when she sees an email blast that say “We need your help”.  Andrea will go ANYWHERE to be helpful to Fedelta Clients, and always shows up in a pinch with her best attitude in place.

Nora Twum-Asomaning/ Federal Way

Nora is another highly dedicated Fedelta employee, who is excited about working, and will call coordination often to say “It’s me again, I need some work”!  We love caregivers like that!

Meseret Abayneh / Northgate

Meseret is so sweet! We adore her, and she works very hard for Fedelta. She enjoys what she does, and is always quick to respond to a call out for help on open shifts. There are many Fedelta clients that request 2 or 3 of her.

Jose Hernandez / Northgate

JL is a "one of a kind" caregiver, his ability to get to know his client on a personal level is amazing. JL becomes “family” quickly to his clients, and treats them as if they are his own responsibility when their needs grow beyond what Fedelta has assessed.  JL keeps in continuous communication with the coordination team relating to his clients changing needs, and is always first to offer extra help when he sees a decline.

Myo Thant / Everett

Myo is a skilled, dedicated caregiver who has been with the same Fedelta client for years. This past summer Myo got stuck in a situation where he willingly stayed out of town for weeks due to a decline in his client while they were on vacation. Myo is the special person we all want taking care of our loved ones.

Welela Libneh / Northgate

We don’t have enough of Welela to go around...  “Welly” is a Fedelta Short Shift Specialist. Her dedication to Fedelta shows in every client she works with.  We always hear fabulous reviews about the care she gives, and her sweet personality. Welela was recently featured in one of our client testimonials

Beatrice Jimmie / Federal Way

ALWAYS, always ready and willing to jump in and help where shifts are canceled last second by caregivers. Never complains about cases, or workloads. Beatrice is highly skilled and loved by her clients. Beatrice is prompt to return phone calls or emails from care coordination. Beatrice is excellent at documentation and reporting client changes or issues when they happen.