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January 11, 2016

Top Ten Caregivers for January 2016

Fedelta wants to commend all of our caregivers for a fantastic 2015. As we start out 2016, we are already noticing some caregivers who are providing excellent care for Fedelta’s clients. We appreciate your hard work, your dedication, and full attention to each client’s needs. There are several reasons why we may have selected you as one of our top caregivers this month including, your positive attitude, your commitment to providing the best care, and your relationships building with your clients.

Here are the January Top 10 Caregivers:

Mark Weisbach – Mark helped us out recently when we were in an emergency staffing situation. We had a caregiver who had a family emergency and needed to leave the client ASAP and when we called Mark he was immediately ready to take the live-in shift and help out his coworker. He had to travel a long distance to get to the client and was very understanding about the whole situation. We were really impressed that it didn’t take any persuasion that he was more than willing to help out a coworker and client in a stressful situation. Thank you for caring for your team and the client!

Anastasiya Palanchuck – We wanted to recognize Anastasiya, who has been fantastic with her client. She works a live-in and has bonded really well with the client and we just really appreciate it when we see caregivers and clients building a relationship with one another. We know that this relationship helps build trust, and respect between the client and caregiver.

Mary Ellis – Thank you so much for all your hard work and ability to work several shifts. Mary Ellis is always flexible with her schedule and is great at accepting short-shift care jobs in the south end. We appreciate it when we have someone we can count on to accept a shift even if it is only a few hours at a given time.

Carmen Moreno – Carmen is the definition of what we see as a good caregiver. Carmen is always on-time to her shifts, positive, and skilled. She cares for her live-in client and we appreciate her exceptional work. Thank you for all that you do.  

Sheila Williams – We wanted to recognize Sheila for the way that she engages with her clients. She does a fantastic job of promoting safety, empathy, and honesty with her clients. She remains dedicated to providing the best quality care and creating a positive environment with her clients.  

Una Dorjdamba - We at Fedelta appreciate Una for her long-term commitment to Fedelta. Una is a caregiver that we appreciate here because she knows and embodies what Fedelta stands for – compassionate, accountable, respectful, and exceptional. She works hard to provide the best care and comfort to her clients and treats each client as if they were family.

Contessa Huey – We wanted to make sure that Contessa was on this month’s top ten list because we have been very impressed with how professional she is with both our in-office staff, as well as each client she serves. She is always positive and polite presenting herself as a skilled caregiver. Thank you for remaining upbeat while caring for Fedelta’s clients.

Christine Forbing – We are blown away by Christine’s passion and work. Christine is dedicated to making sure her clients are receiving the best care. She cares about their well-being and works to make sure that she is respectful of each of their needs.

Isabel Diaz – Isabel, Thank you for your hard work and determination to provide the best possible care to your client. We have noticed your attention to detail, your ability to listen and adjust care needs, and your overall empathy to your client. Thank you for your dedication.

Lamin Fofana – Lamin has once again made our top ten list due to his outstanding care. We receive positive feedback from Lamin’s clients who are always impressed with his hard work. We know he takes his work and position seriously, and it shows to each person he cares for and their family. Thank you for remaining an excellent caregiver!