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August 28, 2015

What should you expect when you call Fedelta?

When we receive a call it is our goal to get as much detailed information about your families situation, and the overall goal that you are trying to achieve for your loved one so we can make sure to give you the best information and any details that will assist you through the process. The first point of contact is our Intake Specialist. She/he will ask you basic questions, try to figure out any health conditions your loved one may have and work with you to set up a home care assessment, or if you are looking into placement will set up a call for you to speak with our Care Solution Advisors.

Our in-home care and senior housing placement assessments are free of charge to you, and just as a reminder the whole senior housing placement process is free of charge. We will send one of our Care Managers out to your loved one’s home or to the hospital before discharge to home and assess care needs. It is important for one of our team members to meet with you and your loved one in person. Not only do we want the chance to assess the type of care that will be needed, but we want to know what long-term goals you have and if your loved one has any requests. We want to fully understand the whole situation before creating a care plan.

We have several clients that have come to us thinking that they want one type of care, and realizing throughout the process that they make actually be interested in another type of care.  We recently helped a client, who came to us thinking that senior housing placement was absolutely necessary for their loved one. Our Care Solution Advisor met with the client, toured several senior living facilities, and when they sat down to make recommendations or talk it through discovered that the family really would prefer that their loved one stay at home for as long as possible. The Care Solution Advisor knew that this was possible with adding care management services to the plan and they decided to adjust the direction that they were headed. We know that this can go both ways meaning that some people come to us wanting home care and decide it may be better to find a senior home. Just because you start the conversation in one direction does not mean that it can’t be adjusted later.

We offer the full care continuum, meaning that at any stage during the process whether it is from that first initial Intake call or even after you have been receiving care we can adjust the plan to fit your needs. Our Care Managers (home care and care management) and Care Solution Advisors (senior housing placement) are skilled to work with your family to make sure that the proper solution is in place. Even after you have started care we are happy to adjust if things are not working out properly or level of care increases or decreases.

If you think that talking with someone for our care team would be the right next step in determining how you can help your loved one live a safe, and healthy life please feel free to contact us today.

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