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Care Options for Alzheimer's Patients in Seattle, Washington

At Fedelta Home Care, we strive to provide a holistic approach to in-home Alzheimer’s care. We take a total wellness approach to at-home care—we focus on someone’s medical needs as well as the social needs of the patient while encouraging purpose and independence. With our team of dedicated and professional caregivers, we proudly specialize in Alzheimer's home management and care. We have many different care options for Alzheimer's patients in Seattle, Washington, that are long-term solutions. We dive into the four key areas we strive to help in order to be safe.  

Four Key Areas for Better Health

Our care options for Alzheimer's patients in Seattle, Washington, help create better health for you or a loved one based on four key areas. These include everything from physical and environmental aspects to independence and even social enrichment. 

  1. Physical: We continually check vital signs, medication management, exercise, nutrition, and many other physical details you may not get to. 
  2. Environmental: Our caregivers ensure a safe atmosphere by performing fall risk assessments, stress triggers, housekeeping, and adjusting any home modifications. 
  3. Purpose and Independence: We provide self-management, education, preservation of legacy, and many more. 
  4. Social Enrichment: Our caregivers remove any potential barriers to social enrichment and add purpose to reduce any signs of depression. 

Quality In-Home Services That Stand Out

Our care options for Alzheimer's patients in Seattle, Washington, address the physical, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of you or a loved one. As a locally owned company, we make it simple to provide personalized in-home care. With the help of our specialized care, we focus on providing activities that enrich the lives of Alzheimer’s patients throughout the Seattle area. Our team quickly becomes your trusted partner and resource for all your in-home health care needs. See the difference in quality for yourself and contact us to begin.