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ALS Home Health Care in Northwest, Washington

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Lou Gehrig’s disease

Please allow our specially trained ALS in-home care team to assist you in remaining safely and comfortably in your own home while managing the progressive, debilitating effects of ALS on your life. Following a comprehensive assessment completed by an RN Care Manager, you will be assigned specially trained caregivers who are supervised and supported by the experienced RN Care Manager; who will also provide nursing care as needed in accordance with the ALS care plan established by you, your medical team and Fedelta's RN Care Manager. 

With our expert ALS home health care in Northwest Washington, our main focus is on your individual needs with attention to maintaining safety, comfort, dignity, and providing support. We will address progressive motor symptoms including increasing muscle weakness resulting in decreasing ability to move arms, legs; then body. Special attention is paid to the progressive symptoms of difficulty breathing and swallowing. Our ALS caregivers take the time to create an individual ALS care plan. They'll promptly establish ways to maintain adequate nutrition, prevent choking, maintain the ability to speak, and maintain head support with modifications as necessary.

Ongoing RN assessment ensures that necessary safety provisions or physical modifications within the home are made and caregiver reminders and assistance are altered when needed to maintain your highest level of safety, comfort, and participation in daily activities of your choice. 

Reassurance and encouragement provided by each specialized ALS caregiver will support you as you cope with ongoing physical and emotional changes. We provide expert ALS home health care throughout Northwest Washington that will allow you to be at ease knowing your loved one is being cared for in your home with a professional caregiver.

Specialized care addressing needs of people living with ALS includes:

  • Attention on learning to communicate with client; verbally and non-verbally.

  • Establish and maintain a meaningful relationship with client.

  • Maintain safety with environmental modifications, use of assistive devices, safety prompts, assistance with walking.

  • Assessment and sustained management of discomfort such as: spasticity, choking, respiratory distress.

  • Medication management and education.

  • Education about and monitoring of worsening symptoms.

  • Range of motion exercises.

  • Continence management.

  • Assessment of skin with interventions as necessary.

  • Dietary modifications including: swallow precautions, adequate hydration, constipation prevention.

  • Assistance with personal care and grooming.

  • Encouragement, prompts, and assistance as needed to maintain participation in meaningful activities as long as possible; making modifications when necessary.

  • Maintain dignity as progressive symptoms cause physical and emotional distress.

  • Ongoing communication with medical care team to ensure prompt response to changes in condition in order to prevent ER visits or hospitalization.

  • Accompaniment to health care appointments.


Our specialized ALS home health care in Northwest Washington is known to provide ALS care plans, ALS management services, and many other customized in-home care services. Contact us to get a free consultation and to learn more about our solutions.


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