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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s launches the beginning of a journey of unknowns, and the unknown is often a scary place. 

The progression and trajectory of the disease varies widely, so a change in living environments may not always be the best choice.  Our goal is to provide care addressing physical, emotional, behavioral and social needs allowing the individual to remain in the familiar setting of their home.

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Key aspects of care:

  • Safety
  • Independence
  • Dignity
  • Relationship
  • Engagement

A Free In Home Assessment to Determine if Home Care is a Good Option

Following a comprehensive assessment completed by an experienced RN Care Manager; you will be assigned specially trained caregivers who are supervised and supported  by the RN Care Manager who will also provide nursing care as needed in accordance with the care plan established by the involved medical team and Fedelta’s RN Care Manager. 

Our belief is that it is our responsibility as caregivers to discover, establish and maintain the pathway to communication with each individual.

Caregivers Focus on Life Bringing Activities Such as Singing, Dancing, and Storytelling

Care provided is focused on individual needs with the goal of allowing the person to continue their lifestyle, making choices as they are able while maintaining safety. Caregivers learn about individual preferences and allow the client independence while providing needed assistance and maintaining safety. The initial RN Care Manager assessment provides a baseline from which increasing care needs are easily identified with ongoing RN assessment.

Specialized care addressing needs of people living with dementia includes:

  • Acceptance and understanding of who the person is apart from their symptoms.

  • Establish and maintain a meaningful relationship with client.

  • Prompt, assist, provide personal care and physical activity as needed.

  • Assessment and prompt attention to medical needs.

  • Continence management.

  • Include client in decisions affecting their life.

  • Maintain safety.

  • Provide encouragement/guidance in maintaining participation in meaningful life activities.

  • Provide least restrictive behavioral interventions.

  • Medication management and education.

  • Establish and maintain supportive relationship with family.


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