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End of Life Comfort and Care

End of Life: Helping With Comfort and Care

Holistic Approach

As the end of life approaches, each person’s story is unique. Fedelta Home Care will walk alongside you and your loved one in hopes to understand and provide the best care.

It’s hard to know what to expect while searching for someone to provide comfort and manage pain. The decision to go on hospice care can cause a lot of anxiety for everyone involved. Our hope is that we can step in to help with the medical care for your loved one so you can focus on spending quality-time with your loved one. 

With the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing suffering while spending the final days in the comfort of one's home, professionally-trained caregivers will provide essential support to a dying person and his or her family.

Fedelta's caregivers also help to facilitate activities that enrich the person’s life, while respecting the person’s wishes. These activities can be discussed during the assessment with your care manager.

We are there, acting as an extension of your family, to provide the comfort care so essential at the end-of-life. Learn more below about our care management goals to provide the essential comfort at the end-of-life.

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Physical Care Management

    General Care

  • Keeping an eye out for any signs of discomfort
  • Providing medications and any comfort treatments on schedule as ordered
  • Nurse delegation as needed with nurse oversight and supervision
  • Be aware of fatigue, keep activities simple, allow for rest breaks

    Nutrition and Hydration

  • Small meals or snacks through day as tolerated and allowed
  • Maintain hydration and keeping mouth moist and comfortable
  • Watch out for any digestive issues from changes in medication or nutrition


  • Keep skin clean and intact, avoiding pressure sores
  • Be aware of temperature sensitivity, watch for signs of too hot or too cold

Environmental Care Management


  • Evaluate the home and offer suggestions for modifications
  • Offer techniques to improve safety in transfers, assistance as needed while protecting independence

    Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Assess for stress triggers and offer suggestions to reduce or eliminate these.


  • Work with family to provide support system and schedule of caregiving
  • Collaboration with hospice services to ensure care plan is appropriate and followed
  • RN Nurse delegation to allow agency caregivers to provide medications and other treatments
  • Respite for the family when they need a break, or just want to be family and not a caregiver
  • Create a phone tree for family to reduce the number of calls to the house and stress

Purpose & Independence Care Management


  • Does the client have all legal documents prepared and accessible?
  • Are there family members that the client would like to visit or talk with


  • Discussing the client’s wishes and assisting them to fulfill and maintain independence and dignity
  • When possible, allow for choices to ensure the client remains in control


  • Provide education to caregivers, family, and client on what to expect, techniques for providing comfort

Social Enrichment Care Management


  • Identify client interests and promote hobbies and activities whenever possible
  • Create a schedule to maximize alert times and reduce fatigue and anxiety based on the client’s wishes for socialization and interests
  • Modify favorites things to allow independence and reflection
  • Provide companionship to soothe the soul, lending an ear or just holding a hand



Every day, we hear from happy clients who tell us they're glad they trusted Fedelta with this important decision. We invite you to see what they have to say.

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