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Customer Testimonials

"They value their employees, and we have a good gal taking care of my mom. I was going 24/7, and now I am able to have some time off while knowing that somebody is taking care of my mom... My mother is at times unresponsive, but Mary, the caregiver, is helping me even if she can't interact with her much. The things we have asked Mary to do are all taken care of when I get home... Her personality is very warm and tender, which is what I need at this time." – Lisa

"I like that they pay attention to the patients and they are on time... They do exercises with her every day. She knows about Parkinson's and she knows how to work with patients that have it which helps... They take notes everyday to inform me of what is going on... She has matched my wife's emotional needs and they can relate to each other." – Robert

"I'm glad we have it so we can have someone be with her while I go to the store to get groceries or pick up medicine. My caregiver has shown good work ethic because whatever I ask her she does it, comes with us while we are waiting for the doctor and talks to my wife and my wife tells her everything about her problems. They show they care by being nice to her and providing companionship." –  Anonymous

"My wife suffers from anxiety and sometimes panic, and the caregiver is very good with her and calm. She's very proactive and interactive with me about things around the house... She helps by going to doctor appointments with us when appropriate. My wife doesn't tend to digest the doctor's words well, so she helps with that... She massages my wife to keep her calm, bathes her, and helps with my wife's oxygen. She never gets impatient with her, even though it can be a frustrating situation." – David