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Customer Testimonials

"I like the flexibility of short time spans, and the online portal for paying bills and seeing what the caregiver has done. It's more peace of mind having someone there to be of support. They are willing to do even the small things. She walks the dog, takes my mom to do errands, and other things like that. I think the feedback I get from my mom is very positive. It's important to my mom that the caregiver cares for her dog." – Barbara

"The staff is compassionate and willing to work with the family. I am a nurse and I want someone to care for my dad and have the resources for him. They are motivated, caring, and very understanding of what works for him. They give good reports to oncoming staff. The caregivers tell him what they are going to do, and are calm and patient with him. They are patient, and are willing to be creative to get him to eat. They are willing to take him out overall." – Nathaniel

"I think they are knowledgeable, friendly, and they want to help everyone in the family. They take care of things around the house. It's been a huge help. They are friendly and flexible with tasks. They sit with her, play games with her, take out her garbage, mop, sweep, and do the dishes. They are very patient and always upbeat in a good mood." – Mae

"We have had extremely good success with the quality of people we have had.. The services are exceptional. They are skilled, have insight, and know what they are doing. We know what kind of help we need, and they give it. She has been with us for three years, and I am pretty up-to-date on who knows what and what they should be doing. I am marveled at the skill of the people we've had. She helps with showering and a lot of personal care. It is obvious by their work ethic, and I am pretty insightful." – Maralyn